Deaf's Got Talent Kick off - Get to Know Hula Bella

Meet last year’s winner and one of our Judges, Hula Bella!

You have three days left to enter at Deaf’ for cash prizes.

Video Description: (Golden sparkles gather into a circle to show golden Deaf’s Got Talent logo with “2nd Annual”. Hula Bella, multiracial light-skinned woman with bright green-blue hair and one dimple on the right side of her cheek signs with a white background. At bottom left: Deaf’s Got Talent logo with text Judge Hula Bella (she/her) IG: @BellaMonika.) Hi, my name is Monica (name sign). I identify with she/her pronouns. I’m also known as Hula Bella. I’m a professional performer, and–I won last year’s competition of Deaf’s Got Talent! So I’m honored to be part of the Judge panel. I do professional performances and dance, specifically with hula hoops and fire. And now, also roller skating! I have my own online shop,, where I focus on graphic design and video editing. I try to encourage spreading art to more young people, especially with performing and online multimedia art. I look forward to seeing you all participate! I’m curious to see what talent you’ve got, and look forward to working with the other Judges. (Closing credit: Deaf’s Got Talent logo, “” and FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube logos. At bottom, “Beneficiary Organization:” with GLAD logo)

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