Welcome to the Final Round Competition!

Finally the competition for final round is here.

Dear members of the audience, the voting is open to the public now that the judges shared their votes! 

Meet the top 5 finalists: 

Sarah Lanzano-Slevin @Sarah_l.s_4 

Brian Estrada @_estrada_brian_ 

Unique the Deaf Dancer @uniquethedeafdancer 

Pole Blossom @pole.blossom 

Ballerina Goddess @ballerinagoddess 

Who do you want to see win Deaf’s Got Talent?

Go to deafsgottalent.com/vote and vote now!

Stay tuned for the final votes!

We will announce who is the first place winner of Deaf’s Got Talent and the winner will take cash prize home. Second and third places will be announced and win cash prizes as well. 

Thank you for being a part of this contest! We hope you have enjoyed this year’s competition with our host, judges and staff! 

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Image Description: 

(Five golden framed squares arranged in a circle, each surrounded by golden sparkles. Dark teal/black background. At top, Deaf’s Got Talent logo and GLAD logo. At center , “Final Round” on a golden ribbon. 

Five images, from left to right: 

— Ballerina Goddess: Ballerina + Rope Aerialist. Ballerina is a white woman with blue eyes, copper red medium length hair, and a side shave. Image of Ballerina upside-down on a aerial hoop. 

— Brian Estrada: Skateboarding. Image of Brian skating across the top of a bench. 

— Sarah Lanzano-Slevin: Hula Hoops + Balloon Animals. Sarah has brown curly hair with blonde highlights and brown eyes. 

— Pole Blossom: Pole Fitness Dancing. Asian woman with black/brown waves hair and wearing black/white striped top. 

— Unique the Deaf Dancer: Dance. African American woman with natural short black hair and a crown of leaves. 

At bottom, “Watch now!” 

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