Deaf's Got Talent Kick off - Get to Know Wawa

Get to know your Host WAWA’s World, and get ready to enter by Jan. 20, 2022 at!

Video Description:

(Golden sparkles gather into a circle to show golden Deaf’s Got Talent logo with “2nd Annual”. Wawa, a Black man with salt/pepper beard and salt/pepper locs in a ponytail signs with a white background with two of his shirts: one says “Show Sum Luv”, other one says “Dip Hop: Hip Hop Thru Deaf Eyes”. At bottom left: Deaf’s Got Talent logo with text “HOST Warren ‘Wawa’ Snipe (he/his) FB: Wawa’s World”.) What’s up, beautiful people! My name’s Warren Snipe. Everyone calls me Wawa (name sign). My pronouns are he, him, his. I’m really excited. Why? I’m your host for Deaf’s Got Talent. My work, and what I do outside of this…I’m a musician. I’m a rapper. I’m an actor. I’ve traveled the world, performing. I’ve been doing this for at least–a long time! So I’m very excited to see your work. Your talent. And how you show deaf communities around the world what you’ve got! I’m excited to see you there. (Closing credit: Deaf’s Got Talent logo, “” and FB, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube logos. At bottom, “Beneficiary Organization:” with GLAD logo)

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