Watch 2021 Final Round Competition

(A Production by Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
(Deaf’s Got Talent Intro Plays)
MELISSA: Hooray, we are all back for our Final Round of Deaf’s Got Talent, where you all can show off for the audience — and for a good cause.
Recently in our Second Round, you watched our top 10 performers who moved on from the First Round. Now in the Final Round, we get to see the top five performers.
Let’s see who made it.

(Video shows images of Top 5 contestants with name and talent:
Anthony Arrosères, Visual Vernacular
B.White, skateboarding
Hula Bella, hula hoops
Robbie the Magnificent, magic
Selennnart, art)

MELISSA: This will definitely be a tough decision for you all. I’m looking forward to watching our top five today! What about you?

JUDGES: Yes, definitely!

MELISSA: In case you haven’t watched our first two Rounds yet, let me share a bit about
what this competition is all about.
The goal is to raise money to support GLAD (Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness) to provide services to deaf, hard of hearing, DeafBlind, and deaf disabled people in the Los Angeles area.
This show is completely free for you to watch!
We ask instead that, if you’re able, to donate money to GLAD, whether a large or small amount,
anything you can donate to support.
You can donate at our website,
You’ll see a a DONATE button at the top that you can click just like that. OK, are we ready? Before we start, GLAD’s CEO has a message for you.

DR. PATTY: Hello, everyone! I’m Dr. Patty, the CEO for GLAD, Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness. It’s so exciting as we get closer to selecting the finalists for our competition.
First I want to thank everyone who participated and who voted–I know it’s a tough choice!
Hats off to the judges, it is tough judging everyone who has so much equal talent, judging on techinique and so on. Hats off to them, truly. I also thank Melissa for being emcee and leading the discussions. Wow, amazing job. I couldn’t ask for a better group of volunteers to offer their time.
I wanted to remind you the reason for this fundraising event is to raise funds to support GLAD. We rely on grants and donations to maintain our services in Los Angeles and parts of south California.
It’s tough, and now with COVID-19, we continue to make sure we work with our consumers and all of you through videophone and other virtual methods.
Technology is wonderful. Without videophones it’d be more challenging to work with deaf people, who are mostly visual and use ASL. Whatever amount of money you’re able to donate will be very appreciated. The money would go to our General Funds, we have a big, old building that needs a lot of repairs.
Before I go, I want to thank you all again, and thank our sponsors. Because our sponsors covered our entry fee, people could enter DGT for free. Thank you to our sponsors for making it possible for you to watch and enter for free. So thank you to our sponsors, and our wonderful staff for editing and organizing this event.
We’re lucky to have a great team: you, staff, Board, volunteers, and sponsors.
Now, good luck to you helping us choose our top winners! Thank you very much, and goodbye.

MELISSA: Just like the first two rounds, now we’ll watch our top five performers perform their various talents. Our judges will give scores that range from 1 to 5, with 1 the lowest, and 5 the highest score.
After the show ends, is that all? No, you, the audience will get to vote! This will be your last opportunity to vote for our final winners! The top three winners will each receive cash prizes.
Now, who are our judges? These three have been amazing judges so far.
First, we have our great dancer, Antoine!


MELISSA: And now, here we have beauty, fashion, and travel guru, Kaye!

KAYE: That’s me!

MELISSA: And finally, we have the up and coming performer, Raven!

RAVEN: Hey everyone, what’s up?

MELISSA: OK you three Judges, how are you all feeling about this final round?

KAYE: This is going to be a hard decision! I’m excited but it’s a difficult decision as we get closer to the winners.

MELISSA: Yes exactly, I know!

RAVEN: I can’t wait to see!

ANTOINE: Yep, it’s going to be a nail biter!

MELISSA: I know, it’s tough. As the talent pool gets smaller and smaller, I’m excited! And I’m sure the contestants are nervous as well. I’m also nervous for the top five.
Our first talent is going to be Visual Vernacular, performed by Anthony Arrosères.

(Video shows Anthony Arrosères performing Visual Vernacular with a black shirt and black background)

MELISSA: Wow, well done! I know Visual Vernacular is all about the visuals. I found myself physically following his movements as I watched. Wow. I’m curious about your thoughts. Let’s start with Kaye.

KAYE: It was tough to understand, so I was staying focused, not letting myself miss anything! Wow. I think the big picture is about basketball, is that what you all thought? I’m not sure if other people’s perspectives will see something different. I love that.

MELISSA: It’s all open to your interpretation. Raven, what are your thoughts?

RAVEN: Similar to Kaye, I also had the idea this was about sports. Maybe basketball? Football? Volleyball? I’m not sure, but definitely felt like some kind of sport. I liked the way he captured the excitement and intensity of sports, not knowing what might happen. I also liked how the camera zoomed in and out, kept me engaged. It was a very good job.

MELISSA: For sure! Antoine, what did you think?

ANTOINE: He was extremely animated, especially with his movements. I agree with both of you. It’s interesting how we can each interpret the performance. I think it’s important how he was able to keep me enthralled. There were no boring moments, I was engaged the entire time.

MELISSA: Now you all know what comes next. You’ll give out your scores. When I say go, flip over
to show your score cards. And the scores are — let’s see!

(ANTOINE scores 3, KAYE scores 3, RAVEN scores 4)

MELISSA: I know it gets tougher to judge, as this becomes more competitive. Let’s see who’s next. B. White is going to skateboard for us.

(Video shows different clips of B. White doing tricks on a skateboard, during a skating event with large crowd, at smaller skate parks, etc.)

MELISSA: I found myself feeling stressed out as I watched, but everything was fine, ha. Antoine, what did you think?

ANTOINE: My first thought was, wow, his hair has grown so much! Much like mine here. But to focus on the act, this really demonstrates focus, strength, and bravely taking risks. I was amazed by the part when he looped inside the tunnel! I really enjoyed the slow motion parts. Those trained my eyes to catch difficult, intricate tricks. I think they did an excellent job.

MELISSA: Kaye, what are your thoughts?

KAYE: Honestly, their skill is truly amazing. The simple answer is I feel like he’s constantly flying when he’s skateboarding. Their talent makes it seem like they’re flying. Wow.

MELISSA: Raven, what about you?

RAVEN: This was very cool and I enjoyed watching. I always like seeing new things, and I’ve seen many people skateboard before. But now for this competition, you know, I want to see tricks I haven’t seen before. This really caught my attention. So, really well done! I enjoyed watching this.

MELISSA: Now, what are your scores going to be? Are you all ready? One, two, three, and here are the scores!

(ANTOINE scores 4, KAYE scores 5, RAVEN scores 4)

MELISSA: Ooh, pretty good, good! Now, we’ve watched two, so we only have three performers left.
Next up is Hula Bella, you know, with hula hoops!

(Video shows different clips of Hula Bella doing tricks on hula hoops tricks at different locations, at beach, in front of city skyline, street mural. Hula Bella uses different hula hoops–regular hoops, LED glowing hoops, and a hoop with fire balls attached)

MELISSA: So cool! I like how they added visual edits to highlight their skills. Very fiery, literally! Judges, what did you think? Raven, we’ll start with you this time.

RAVEN: *applauds* Everybody came to win this competiton!

ALL: *cheers*

RAVEN: I love how in every round, including this one, each act is so different. They gave us something new and unique, not more of the same. This really shows off her talent, by using transitions, a story line, how she walked to touch the hula hoop and got that vision with all those different tricks, plus the fire and lights! And on the rocks! Cheers. Such a good job.

MELISSA: I agree. Kaye, what about you?

KAYE: Honestly, my jaw dropped most of the time watching this act, especially the part with fire! Hula hooping with the fire so close to her skin! Whoa, that must be difficult. There were so many different tricks, I completely agree with Raven. This video was visually strong too, like Melissa said. I think my favorite part was definitely the fire. Wow, it was nerve-wracking to watch! Amazing job.

MELISSA: Yes, amazing. Antoine, what did you think?

ANTOINE: I have two questions. The first is….Did she really eat that fire?! Whoa.

MELISSA: Seems so!

ANTOINE: I was thinking, careful now… OK. Second, who did your hair?! I’m saying. It’s a beautiful color. But seriously now, the part where she hoops with her upper arms–that involves a lot of skill. Also, the choreography! It’s the same routine, in different locations. That requires planning choreography, not improving or making up something new, but instead a choreography plan to
include different locations. Plus, how they used poi in such a different way that I’ve never thought of before! I also noticed they sped up their routine as the video went on, burning calories! That was really amusing and showed her talent as well. Burn it, burn it, girl.

MELISSA: All right, now things are literally getting heated! I’m looking forward to seeing your scores for this one. What kind of heat are we giving this performance? Are you all ready? Let’s see!

(ANTOINE scores 5, KAYE scores 5, RAVEN scores 5)

MELISSA: A perfect score! I wonder if our audience will agree with you three.

RAVEN: We’ll see!

MELISSA: Next up, we have a magic show, with Robbie the Magnificent!

(Video shows Robbie with black background performing magic tricks with cash bills, with playing cards, and with a cupcake.)

ROBBIE: Hello everyone, my name is Robbie *name sign*. Now, I have more magic! You ready?
A dollar. Cheap.
Nothing there.
(pulls out $100 bill) For you, Antoine. *thumbs up*
Three cards here. Ok, pay attention to the middle one.
Where’d it go? Magic.
Last trick.
Nothing, all blank. More here…
Vote for me! ILY.

MELISSA: So adorable. Now I want that cupcake! Really was a magical performance! Their new tricks were cool to watch. Kaye, what did you think?

KAYE: Magic shows are always my favorite. It was wonderful to watch! I’m still trying to figure out all the tricks.

MELISSA: Antoine, how about you?

ANTOINE: So amazing. First, I want to say thank you for the $100. Thank you for that. Also, they are so, so sweet. This was wonderful to watch, mixing all the tricks together. I can’t say anything more.

MELISSA: Raven, what about you?

RAVEN: I always enjoy magic shows, and I’m still trying to figure out how all that happened. I’m always watching closely, but… I just want to know the secret! I really enjoyed this, and it was so cute. Good job.

MELISSA: Perfect. Now, what are your scores for them? Ready? Get your scorecards ready. And turn over your cards!

(ANTOINE scores 5, KAYE scores 3, RAVEN scores 3)

MELISSA: Congratulations, good work.

KAYE: Still a great job! I applaud you.

MELISSA: Now we have our last contestant,
but not least, Selennnart with, well, art!

(Video shows Selennnart painting a large canvas with different layers to reveal a person walking through a colorful wonderland with a sunset and various plants, flowers, and mushrooms)

SELENNNART: Hi, I’m Selennnart. For this last painting, I invite you to curiously explore my fantasy land.


MELISSA: Wow, definitely artistic! Beautiful talent, well done! What did you all think? We’ll start with Antoine this time.

ANTOINE: Purple is my color, obviously, look at my hair! I’m feeling this. That was really great. I felt so much emotions through their work. I really appreicate showing us their process, and I was very moved by that. You know, thank you so much for sharing with us. Go on, go on.

MELISSA: Yes. Raven, what were your thoughts?

RAVEN: I enjoyed and loved how they brought us on their journey, showing products you used, the process, and then the final artwork. I’m always amazed by your talent. Great work.

MELISSA: Yes, agreed. Kaye, how about you?

KAYE: This art was so colorful and vibrant. I used to really want to be an artist, but that didn’t work out. So I have a great love for visual artwork. It’s such an amazing skill, cheers.

MELISSA: Yes *applause*. OK, time for the last scores you three will give. Ready? And here are the scores.

(ANTOINE scores 5, KAYE scores 4, RAVEN scores 4)

MELISSA: Well done, congratulations. All five of our contestants truly brought their all today! We have a phenomenal top five, but we only have one winner for each first, second, and third place. Judges, your hard work is finished, and hats off to you three.

ANTOINE: Thank you.

MELISSA: Thanks to all of you. Now it’s time for you, our audience, to take over. Make sure to vote for who you think should win our final three spots!

ALL JUDGES: Go vote, vote, vote!

MELISSA: You can vote for your favorite performer on our website, Click the VOTE button at the top. Remember, you only have 72 hours to vote, so make sure you vote. Let’s go! Thank you so much for watching, and follow us on social media to find out who the winners are when we announce them!

(Deaf’s Got Talent logo, end video)

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Catch them both here!

(Sorenson Ad Plays)

(Deaf’s Got Talent Intro Plays)

Melissa: Hello everyone and welcome to Deaf’s Got Talent where you can show off for a good cause! This competition’s goal is to raise funds to support Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. (GLAD), who provides services for deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, and deaf disabled people in the Greater Los Angeles area.

This show is free to watch and we ask you to make a donation of any amount you can share. To donate, visit and there will be a donate button at the top. Now, before we begin, we have a special message from the current CEO of GLAD.

GLAD CEO: Hello everyone! I’m Dr. Patty Hughes, CEO for GLAD. Wow, it’s hard to believe we’ve been dealing with the impact of COVID for a year already. All of our offices are closed, only open on videophone, still supporting our consumers completely. Wow, I want to thank our Judges, our MC, and our staff for joining us, and our sponsors for helping make this event happen.

You know, we tend to host events annually to gather, and now because of COVID, we’re video streaming this event instead. And wow, the judges will have a hard time judging everyone, plus you get to vote, too! It’s important for us to continue fighting and serving, in different, creative ways. Many thanks, and really have fun joining this event! Thank you very much, bye.

Melissa: How will this competition work? We have a variety of contestants with different talents who will perform. The judges will watch each performance, provide their feedback, and give a score. After we finish, is that all? No! You, yes, you, the audience, will get to vote for your favorite performer! The top performers will then get to move on to the 2nd and 3rd Rounds for a chance to place in the top 3!

You’re probably wondering who are our judges!

First off, we have the great dancer, Antoine Hunter!

Antoine: (strikes some poses, points at camera)

Melissa: Next, we have beauty, fashion, and travel guru, Kaye Faith!

Kaye: (flips hair, waves hands)

Melissa: And finally, we have the up-and-coming performer, Raven Sutton!

Raven: Hello everyone!

Melissa: So, Judges, how are you three feeling about this competition?

Raven: I’m so excited & looking forward to all the amazing talent, I can’t wait!

Melissa: Me, neither! Antoine?

Antoine: I can’t wait to see more deaf talent, that! I know it’s out there, but did y’all show up here? C’mon, bring it on!

Melissa: Yes, yes! Kaye?

Kaye: I’m so curious about all the different talent from across the world! It’s not just North America, also the world! I’m really looking forward to this.

ALL: Yeah!

Melissa: I am just as excited as you are to see how this goes. Ready for our first performer?

Melissa: Our first contestant is B. White, who will skateboard (signs ‘skateboard’ a few different ways) I’m not sure what the sign is, but the point is, they will skateboard! I’m curious now!

(Video plays showing B. White coming out of red stage curtains with a black shirt and red skateboard)

B. White: “Skateboarding. Hello, my name is Brandon White *name sign*

(Video shows B. White doing several tricks on a skateboard with “DEAF” painted on it for 1 minute, then bows and exits through red stage curtain)

Judges & Host: (cheers)

Melissa: Wow, that’s some talent, seriously. Judges, what did you think? Let’s start with Antoine.

Antoine: I liked the creative style there! The energy, the pace. I dig, I dig.

Melissa: Kaye, your thoughts?

Kaye: Wow! When he jumped, flipped, and stood back on it…like…how???

Wow, wow. Amazing!

Melissa: I know, yes! Raven?

Raven: I’m blown away. I agree with Antoine & Kaye—the creativity and the talent! I can’t do that, I’d break my neck for sure, if I tried! Nah, nah. Leave that to him and his talent. Kudos, good job. And with the basketball—what?? Yup, good job.

Melissa: Wow, yeah! Now, I want to see your scores. Our Judges all have scorecards with numbers. When I say go, flip your score cards at the same time to show your scores! Okay, ready? Go!

(Raven scores 5, Antoine scores 3, Kaye scores 5)

Melissa: 5, 5, and 3! Okay, let’s applaud. And next, we have Darionna Jackson doing makeup! Let’s watch.

Antoine: Ooh, I love makeup!

(1-minute video plays showing Darionna Jackson applying a full face of makeup on their own face, smiling at the end)

Melissa: (snaps) Beautiful! I wish she’d come over to do my makeup.

Raven: Cute.

Melissa: I’ll start with Raven, what do you think?

Raven: Looks good! I like seeing how they edited it to show the whole process, skin, blush, full makeup. And I love how nice the end result looks!

Melissa: The whole face! Kaye?

Kaye: Beautiful! Looks like a pro already, the whole face so fast.

Melissa: Right! Antoine?

Antoine: I really appreciated the coordination. You know, I’ve taken makeup classes before, yeah, I’ve experienced that. So she obviously has talent. The glow, the highlighter, it’s all on point. On point!

Melissa: Right, makeup really is art. It’s not simply putting things on your face, it’s art on your face. Really talented.

Raven: Definitely, definitely!

Melissa: Ready for your scores?


(Raven scores 4, Antoine scores 4, Kaye scores 5)

Melissa: Oooh. And next, we have Spicy Celestial performing poetry! Let’s watch.

(1-minute video plays. Title “Cam Van Zuiden: Tell You What To Do”. Cam, in cheetah print tank top signs in ASL with English captions.

Cam: Every question in my head, I’m not sure if I response or leave unsaid. There are good and bad factors, But still, my identity does matter. Stand up and fight. I’m allowed to express, don’t make me smite. I CLEARLY do not need your bless. You are the mender. Keep doing what you love to do. Do not obey them genders, they don’t tell you what to do. So let me be who I am. I work hard to come through. If you don’t like me, then scram. They don’t tell me what to do. Yes, I am transgender. What are you going to do about it? Not everyone is a gender, the “standard” does not fit. Why is that so prominent to you?)

(Antoine starts using the scorecard papers as a fan to cool himself off)

Melissa: Snap, snap, that was a powerful message. Expressing yourself is important. Kaye, your thoughts?

Kaye: Of course, expressing yourself is so important—don’t hold back. Do what makes you feel comfortable with who you are, don’t hide. Express yourself, it is 2021, and—just, wow. Hearttouch.

Melissa: Yes. Antoine?

Antoine: I have to say, that was really beautiful. The words, the expression. That’s art, within the expression. Embrace that. You matter. Yes.

Melissa: Aw, yes. Raven?

Raven: Yes! Very bold. I love when people stand up and express their truth. Don’t let people oppress or criticize you, we have enough of that in the world. So wow, sharing that with us—really, thank you. I enjoyed your poem, thank you.

Melissa: Yes. We’re all for freedom of expression and authenticity. Yes! Okay, ready for your scores? Go!

(Raven scores 4, Antoine scores 4, Kaye scores 4)

Melissa: Cheers. Now, next we have Unique the Deaf Dancer who will…dance!

Raven: Dance! Ooh, I’m excited.

(1-minute video plays showing Unique the Deaf Dancer dancing in front of a forest in the snow, wearing a hooded one-piece with the snowman from Frozen on it)

Melissa: That was definitely unique! You wouldn’t expect dancing in the snow.

Antoine, as a great dancer, what do you think?

Antoine: Like you said, definitely unique! When they were dancing and signing “cold, cold”, I was like….yes, it looks cold! I think my favorite part was throwing the snow in the air. That.

Melissa: That snow, yes! Raven, as another dancer, your perspective?

Raven: Yes, I agree! One thing about dancing is—it is art, too. And dance tells stories. You can see there’s a story to share, and I loved the different environment! Being outside, and in the snow? I applaud. I know it’s cold, I’ve done videos out in the cold, I get it! Good, good job.

Melissa: Yes. Kaye?

Kaye: I thought it was something different! And that outfit from Frozen, throwing snow in the air, like “let it go”, you know? Let it snow, let it go… And dancing while it’s actually snowing? Wow, something different. This is gonna be easy for me to remember, most videos are inside, this one was outside.

Raven: Yes, agree.

Melissa: Love how you made that connection to Let It Go from Frozen, the snow, the outfit, tossing the snow. Give the dance a whole new meaning. Ready for your scores? Go!

(Raven scores 5, Antoine scores 4, Kaye scores 2)

Melissa: Cheers, cheers. And next, we have another dancer, Jasmine A., who will dance.

(1-minute video plays showing Jasmine A. in a gray sweatshirt, black pants, and black hat dancing to a fast beat in a garage.)

(Judges & Host start moving along to the beat)

Melissa: Raven, what’d you think of Jasmine’s dance skills?

Raven: It was a vibe, a vibe! Loved the energy. Loved it, makes me wanna dance with you. If I saw that out on the dance floor, I’d join, for sure. Really enjoyed watching that, it was good.

Melissa: Kaye?

Kaye: Well, I agree with Raven—it was a vibe. I felt like joining along with the beat, just moving along. Beautiful talent.

Melissa: Antoine?

Antoine: What was it? (repeats a dance move from Jasmine’s video) That, cheers. I think you have great energy. Moving slow, then fast, and the choreography and the setup was—it was nice.

Melissa: Yeah, I don’t think many people realize how much effort goes into dance. Thinking of choreography, not just improvisation, but really choreographing. Right, yes. Ready for your scores? Go!

(Raven scores 4, Antoine scores 5, Kaye scores 4)

Melissa: Let’s applaud, pretty good. Now, we can say deaf people really do have talent.

Raven: Yass!

Melissa: We have more, right after this ad break.

(ad break)

Melissa: Yay, welcome back! Ready to see more? (Judges cheer) Don’t forget, you can donate on our website, Allright, ready for more performances? Next, we have Alientiful who will sign ASL poetry!

(1-minute video plays, title reads “Blooming Flowers Poem: Written & ASL by Nicole Greene.” Alientiful, with medium purple hair and black shirt, in front of a gray wall, signs a poem in ASL)

Melissa: Wow, another powerful message. What’s stopping us from changing the world? I’ll start with Kaye this time.

Kaye: The words, the descriptions—wow, so true. Good point, I felt that.

Melissa: Yes. Raven?

Raven: They did great! I really enjoyed the poem. Also loved the ending, “what’s stopping you?” Made me think—yeah, what is even stopping me? Really good ending, I’m still thinking about it now, so good job!

Melissa: Antoine?

Antoine: I definitely felt they had a powerful message behind the poem. One thing that caught my eyes was the editing. Because they’re signing so beautifully, and then it cuts. Hm, I think it’s an interesting artistic practice, cutting throughout the video, and the signs still flow. I thought it was a very interesting process.

Melissa: Right, signing, cutting, and sending a powerful message, too. What are your scores for them? Ready?


(Raven scores 3, Antoine scores 3, Kaye scores 5)

Melissa: Cheers, cheers. And next, we have Hula Bella doing hula hoops!

Raven: Oooh, hula hoops, okay, let’s see!

(1-minute video plays showing Hula Bella in bright blue hair, green pants and black sweater doing tricks with a neon green hula hoop. In background, a wall covered in bold black, blue, yellow, and white graffiti art.)

Melissa: Amazing!

(Judges all cheer)

Melissa: Lots of movement, plus the coordination…amazing. I found my jaws actually drop while watching! Let’s start with you, Antoine.

Antoine: Wow, when I saw the hula hoop, I thought it’d just go around the hips, but no! So much other things you can do with that hoop. The flips, throws, all of it was amazing. I wasn’t expecting that much, for them to give us a lot! The vertical camera was a bit hard to see, but the energy was so big with the hoops, oh, I saw it.

Melissa: Yes. Kaye?

Kaye: Yeah, it was a little hard to see the hoop with the colorful background, but it didn’t matter. I could see and understand they are incredibly talented. Amazing! I can’t do the coordination to pull off those tricks! Wow. Beautiful, beautiful talent.

Melissa: Yes, Raven?

Raven: I still can see the energy, the twirls—just wow. Such talent. And I’m sure they had to maintain that energy without getting tired, to do all those movements. How many hours of practice did that take? How many re-dos? Wow, feels like a workout, you know? And to maintain coordination with the hula hoop. Like, I’m thinking to myself, if I hula hooped…I’d get the hoop around maybe twice then it’d hit the floor! How they could flip it above, and through their body, amazing. Cheers, good job!

Melissa: Yeah! You know, a secret—hula hooping is actually one of my talents. I won some hula hooping contests growing up. I love hula hooping! But watching her do all of those tricks—whoa, my tricks are nothing compared to that!

Raven: Teach me, teach me!

Melissa: Haha okay, let’s see your scores! Go!

(Raven scores 4, Antoine scores 5, Kaye scores 5)

Melissa: Cheers. Our next performer is Graciela, performing some music. Let’s watch.

(1-minute video plays showing Graciela, wearing white shirt, black scarf, and blue cardigan signing a part from Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” song.

Graciela: And I can’t sweep you off of your feet

Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?

Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

And, darling, I will be loving you ’til we’re 70

And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23

And I’m thinking ’bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways

Maybe just the touch of a hand

Well, me—I fall in love with you every single day

And I just wanna tell you I am

Melissa: So what’d you think of her signing? It was very captivating. What did you think, Kaye?

Kaye: Beautiful and smooth. There wasn’t any slip-ups, everything was smooth. I wish I could sign songs as smoothly as she does. Beautiful.

Melissa: Raven?

Raven: It was nice to see some dance with the signing, shows real coordination. Feel the music, so that the people who watch can match and feel the music, to move with it. It’s nice, showing that emotion with their signs.

Melissa: Put your emotions out there, right. Antoine, your thoughts?

Antoine: I definitely felt their soul, like, snap, snap, I felt that. My suggestion to all signers is to be careful with lighting behind you. Because it looks more powerful when you have lighting in front of you signing, it captures more. That. But I felt that to my soul, snap.

Melissa: With that being said, are you all ready to score?

(Raven scores 3, Antoine scores 3, Kaye scores 3)

Melissa: Oooh. Cheers!

Melissa: The next performer is Selennart, creating beautiful art! I’m curious to watch.

(1-minute video plays showing Selennart draw and paint, in fast motion, a canvas. The final image shows a circle with both the Sun and the Moon, decorated with brightly colored flowers and makeup. In background, purple-blue blur. Text at end says “Thank you for watching!”)

Selennart: Hi, I’m Selennart, and my talent is, well, making beautiful art!

Judges: Wow, wow.

Melissa: Amazing art. Wow.

Beautiful, I get why she said “creating beautiful art”. Antoine what did you think?

Antoine: My jaws were on the floor. Wow. Really, it’s trubiz wow. The whole thing. At the beginning I was like, okay, what is this going to be? And then, wow. You can see how much training—well, training isn’t the right word. Spending a lot of time to train their art. That’s a lot of time spent into that. Wow.

Melissa: Yes. Kaye?

Kaye: Honestly, art always has so many different expressions. Plus, I feel like this one has some astrological connections. There’s a story, so much thoughts and expressions packed together to become this one artwork. My jaws dropped, I wish I could draw like that. Absolutely beautiful and talented, cheers.

Melissa: Definitely a beautiful talent, yes! Raven?

Raven: Amazing. They made it into a time lapse, speeding it up to make it shorter. One minute, 30 seconds, however long that video was, but I can imagine all the actual time invested into making this art. Wow. That’s something we don’t often see. We usually see the art as a finished product. But the process throughout? The work? We don’t see that. So it’s nice to see the process, the details, really what makes this unique and creative. I love the finished product, it looks great! Yeah, I love it!

Melissa: Oh, yes. You’re right, the whole process of art, plus the skill of getting your camera to capture those moments, is another skill in itself. Yeah, ready to see your scores! Go!

(All three Judges score 5)

Melissa: I think that’s our first one with all fives in this show! Wow, cheers. Really, art comes in many forms, with many different ways to express. And we have all of them in our Deaf communities! I want to see more talent, but wait, a message from our sponsors.

(AD BREAK: ….)

Melissa: Welcome back! We have more performers in our line-up. Our next performer is Hardi Didie, doing…dance for us!

(1-minute video plays showing Hardi Didie in red Mickey Mouse pj shirt and shorts in a living room. The video starts with Hardi Didie sleeping with a blanket and pillow on floor, slowly waking up and break-dancing throughout the video.)

Melissa: Wow! First I was watching them seem all sleepy. Then they started dancing, whoa! Raven?

Raven: I see everyone’s trying to steal the show! The game’s on point! Sleeping at the beginning, and then rising up…I didn’t know what to expect! Oh okay, they’re on their head, glad they didn’t hurt themselves, like okay, okay! I liked, really enjoyed that.

Melissa: Wow, yes. Give us another dancer’s perspective, Antoine?

Antoine: (yawns, then breaks into dance moves) Really, that was far out. I really liked the creativity, the character of “waking up”. And not just dancing, but really in the character of waking up. There’s acting skills behind that dance. You notice, the sluggish moves, like they’re trying to wake up—

Raven: —wake up, right, exactly!

Antoine: That, I really liked. You know, my suggestion to all dancers, be sure you get your full body, frame all those moves. Capture your talent! Understand, your moves, the vibe, whoever’s an artist, you all make sure your moves capture that, know what I mean? So go ahead, do that, and bring it on!

Melissa: Yes, bring it on! Kaye, your thoughts?

Kaye: Very cute and creative! When I saw them with the blanket up to their head, I was like, what is next? What’s going on? I’m curious—oh, breakdancing! This is called breakdancing, one of the most tough dances to do, I really enjoyed it, such a cute idea to act like you’re sleeping.

Melissa: Like a performance and a dance, combined. Have your scores ready?

(Raven scores 5, Antoine scores 5, Kaye scores 4)

Melissa: So…yes, deaf people can dance, of course.

All Judges: Yes, yes!

Melissa: Anyway, the next contestant is Freestyle Sewati, who will show us…freestyle dance? No, football tricks? I’m curious now, let’s see!

(1-minute video shows Freestyle Sewati, inside a gym, doing freestyle tricks with a football/soccer ball)

Melissa: Wow, okay! Obviously it’s not American football, haha. I imagined people throwing a ball with their hands, no, the International sign is this for futbol. Yeah, that’s what I was told. You can see the footwork is fancy! Kaye, you seem to know about futbol, your thoughts?

Kaye: That futbol player showed their talent, and had another secret, and showed their struggle, they didn’t hide. Everyone does makes mistakes! That’s part of talent, showing that they do it, too. Amazing, beautiful effort.

Melissa: Yes, I like how you framed that. Raven?

Raven: That’s one thing I noticed! Yeah, to show messing up, falling, and keeping at it. As an artist myself, I mess up a LOT. Everyone always sees the end, all beautiful and magical. They don’t see the struggle, the frustration, the repetition. So I can relate to them showing the fall, and then doing what? Getting up, trying again. Allright, kudos, kudos. Loved it, enjoyed it. Good job.

Melissa: Hats off for those who keep it real, yes. Antoine, thoughts?

Antoine: Well, it makes a lot of sense! F-o-o-t ball uses your foot. Americans use our hands, they use their feet, duh. Understand, a lot of the coordination is mental. Keeping on. Control, training, and showing the process of art. Dedication and not giving up! I liked—no, loved it. Like, this is who I am. You know, most people send the perfect edit, all good. But they went ahead with the process. I built a relationship with that person, rooting for them. Can I take a class?

Raven: Pfft! I can’t even begin to know how to kick the ball, keep the ball in one place, while kicking and playing. Looks so complicated!

Melissa: I always say I’m fine with sports, but it can’t involve a ball. Nah. Hats off to that. Ready for your scores? Go!

(Raven scores 4, Antoine scores 4, Kaye scores 3)

Wow, only a few contestants left, you know. Almost done, wow. Next, we have Anthony Arrosères who will do VV, you know, Visual Vernacular. Very expressive. Ready? Let’s watch.

(1-minute video shows Anthony Arrosères with black shirt and black background expressing a story in VV)

Melissa: VV really is amazing. It’s not exactly signing, but it’s really visual movement, and it’s a special talent.

Raven: Like 3D.

Melissa: 3D, right, Raven! Let’s start with Antoine, what’d you think?

Antoine: Really, I liked the angle, turning the shoulders a little to the side. The angle wasn’t bad. You don’t always have to look at the camera straight, you know? To the side, you can play with expressing yourself and framing. Really nice. It was challenging, black shirt, black background, but their hands and arms were still captured.

Melissa: True, good perspective. Raven?

Raven: Yeah, I found it really interesting to see the black background, black clothes, because of the white hands and face. Reminds me of like, what is it called—I don’t know the name, but it blends together. Like the point is to see the hands moving, the face expressions, and focus on that. It was clear, like I said—3D, 4D, it popped out! Vivid and creative, I really liked that.

Melissa: Yes. Kaye?

Kaye: I can’t describe how clear and visual that was! And the signing, simple but so clear. I loved it, a beautiful expression. Stories can be told. They don’t have to be signed. There’s so many ways to use your hands, so many meanings. It isn’t just sign language. That expression was art, period.

Melissa: For sure, definitely art. Ready for your scores? Go!

(Raven scores 5, Antoine scores 3, Kaye scores 5)

Melissa: Next, we have another dancer named Melisa Ozerska who will dance. I’m curious to see!

(1-minute video showing Melisa Ozerska dancing in three different settings: outside, on stage, at a dance floor)

Melissa: Wow, dancing in different spaces, at a performance, by yourself. Antoine, your thoughts as a dancer?

Antoine: Really showed, like, “I can dance anywhere. Anywhere! Inside by myself, with a dance team, in a club, wherever. I dance anywhere. I am fearless when it comes to dance”, that’s what I’m seeing.

Melissa: Yes. Raven?

Raven: Very unique, I liked that. Like Antoine said, showing different places. And not being afraid—like, that others might battle you, you’ll freestyle, we got to see different sorts of environments. I liked how that video took me to different places.

Melissa: Yes. Kaye, what’d you think?

Kaye: Deaf communities are so small! I actually know—no, I saw her at Reims, France, dancing off. Her dancing caught my eyes, she wasn’t even part of the dance group but joined them. And now I see her for the second time, dancing! Very good. Dancing, Antoine is right, she dances everywhere, improvising. 

Melissa: Yes! Represents us, you know deaf people can dance, of course. So, are your scores ready?

(Raven scores 4, Antoine scores 3, Kaye scores 5)

Melissa: I hope those who are watching are enjoying this as much as I am! Remember, you can support this show by donating at All proceeds from this will support Deaf, DeafBlind, Deaf Disabled, and hard of hearing people in LA County.

Our final contestant, last but never least, is Robbie the Magnificent who will do magic!

Raven: Ooh, magic! I’m hard to fool, so let’s see!

(1-minute video showing Robbie wearing all black clothes with black background do a magic trick: put a large coin inside of a black cloth, then makes a dollar bill appear)

Robbie: Hello, my name is Robbie *name sign*. For my talent, I’ll show a trick with my magic cloth. Ready? I need money. No, not that, it’s too small. See? Bigger money, please. Wow, this coin is good. Sorry, okay I’ll give your money back. Oh well, thanks for watching, audience! Bye, ILY!

Melissa: Aw, that was a cute magic trick. Antoine, what’d you think?

Antoine: It was really a surprise! I was expecting to see the large coin back, but I saw the dollar bill instead! It caught me off guard. It surprised me. You know I was expecting a trick, but that was a surprise. Can you do a $100 bill? Haha!

Melissa: That’d definitely be a magic trick! Raven?

Raven: Same, agree with Antoine! I expected that large coin back again, but they switched it with the dollar, whoa, wait. Makes me wanna take a hard look, see what happened. But that just fooled me! Good one.

Melissa: Yeah! Kaye?

Kaye: Beautiful and cute little magic show! The money kept getting bigger and bigger. Well, that was a good trick!

Melissa: Who knows, maybe a $100 bill is possible! Ready for your scores? The final score for the final performance! Thinking a bit…okay, go!

(Raven scores 4, Antoine scores 4, Kaye scores 3)

Melissa: Cheers, wow.

Melissa: Wow, I know you three have a hard time judging. You know, scores, ugh, but I hope everyone realizes that their scores don’t matter, and don’t define their talent. Your talent is talent, period. Right?

(All judges agreeing)

Raven: I really enjoyed all the shows.

Melissa: After watching everyone’s videos, now it’s time for you to go ahead and vote! Yes, let us know who you think should advance to the top 10 in the next round! To vote, visit, and click on vote at the top!

All: Vote, vote!

Melissa: Remember, you have 72 hours to vote! Thanks for watching and don’t forget to follow us on social media to see who moves on to the next round!

(A Production by Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc.
(Deaf’s Got Talent Intro Plays)

MELISSA: Hello everyone and welcome back to the second round of Deaf’s Got Talent, where you can show off for a good cause! In the first round, we saw 14 people compete to be selected by the judges and audience for a place in the top 10!
Let’s see who made it!

RAVEN: I’m really curious!

MELISSA: Wow, we have a great lineup for this second round. I’m excited to see what they have in store for us this time! In case you missed the first round, I will explain a little bit about this competition. This competition’s goal is to raise funds to support GLAD, Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. They provide services for deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, and deaf disabled people in the Greater Los Angeles area.
This show is free to watch, we ask you to make a donation of any amount you can share.
To donate, visit and there will be a donate button at the top.
Before we begin, we have a special message from the CEO of GLAD.

PATTY: Hello, everyone. I’m Dr. Patty. First of all, I truly want to thank all of you, the performers, judges, emcee, and you, the viewers of Deaf’s Got Talent. Hats off to the performers for making it a hard job for the Judges to help decide who makes it to the next Round! I’m looking forward to seeing that.
Thank you to our sponsors for donating to make it possible for contestants to register without a registration fee. That’s great. And our Judges and Emcee, for volunteering their time and giving this their all. We also have a great team at GLAD coordinating this event.
The funds we raise go to GLAD’s General Fund, for what is not covered by our contracts or building expenses. We hope to make sure this happens next year, with a second Deaf’s Got Talent event. We hope to make this an annual event, and need your help to make that happen!
And now, I know some of you know people who haven’t gotten vaccinated yet. We encourage you to do your part and get vaccinated to prevent COVID-19 spread. We need everyone working together to see things get better.
Again, thank you so much for watching our show, voting, and donating.
Thank you very much.

MELISSA: Just like last time, we will have the top 10 perform different talents. The judges will provide their feedback and a score between 1 and 5. 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. After the show, you – the audience – will get to vote for your favorite performer!
The top 5 performers will get to move on to the FINAL round for a chance to place in the top 3!
Now…re-introducing our amazing judges…
First off, we have the great dancer, Antoine Hunter!
Next, we have beauty, fashion, and travel guru, Kaye Faith!
And finally, we have the up and coming performer, Raven Sutton!
How are you all feeling about the second round of this competition?

RAVEN: Excited!

ANTOINE: Yeah, I’m down!

RAVEN: I’m excited and the pressure is on, I’m ready to see what the 2nd Round has for us!

Melissa: Bring it on. Who’s first? Hmm….
Up first is Spicy Celestial performing some poetry!

RAVEN: Spicy!

MELISSA: Wow. Judges, what did you think?
Let’s start with Kaye.

KAYE: It was very touching. I’ll mention that I wasn’t expecting them to sign for so long, but I still understand the point and the meaning. My point is, I generally liked the poem, for sure.

MELISSA: Raven, what did you think?

RAVEN: I love the self confidence, it was nice to see that message. Knowing you can be proud if yourself and that you are important, worth a million dollars and all, that put a smile on my face to see.
That was enjoyable to watch.

MELISSA: Perfect. Antoine, how about you?

ANTOINE: My first thought is about this part, like loving your reflection in the mirror, yourself, and everyone. Wow, that was extremely powerful. I hope we can all learn something about empowerment. Especially with everything going on in the world today, all of this discrimination and judgement, that poem has a very powerful message. Thank you.

MELISSA: All of us grow to love ourselves. It’s not always easy, but it’s so important. OK judges, are you ready to give your scores? Ready?

And the scores are….
Congratulations! Who’s next? Skateboarding… There are many different signs for this!
Next is B. White.

(Video shows different clips of B. White doing tricks on a skateboard, during a skating event with large crowd, at smaller skate parks, etc.)

MELISSA: Wow, watching that you can see the skill needed for all those tricks. Amazing! What did you think Raven?

RAVEN: I 100% agree! I can’t see myself attempting to do any of that, I’d face plant for sure. Hats off to them. I know it takes a lot of practice, training, and maybe a lot of falls to get to the skill we saw today.
I enjoy watching people skateboard because I can’t, but it’s very cool to see.

MELISSA: Yes, exactly. What about you Antoine?

ANTOINE: I think the first thing I noticed was there’s an audience in the video around the bowl. The pressure was on! It’s not just filming yourself at home, but out there with a crowd watching. At first I was thinking, okay more of the same. Then I realized oh wow, that’s a different day or time. That’s what this show is about, really showing off your skills.
Come and bring it on!

MELISSA: What about you Kaye?

KAYE: I completely agree with Antoine. I think skateboarding is one of the craziest sports! There’s so much risk especially when it comes to falling and injuries. Of course there’s a lot of practice, but I’m sure injuries happen, maybe even hospital visits too. It was amazing.

MELISSA: Well, it is time for the score cards. Are you ready? One moment. Sorry.
And the scores are… Not bad!
Next up, we have Hula Bella with hula hoops.

(Video shows Hula Bella doing tricks with two golden hula hoops in front of a hot pink background.)

MELISSA: The hoops went off at the right time!

Wow! Let’s start with Antoine, what did you think?

ANTOINE: That was so fun to watch, especially that it’s uncut, totally raw. She really captured the whole routine, along with the outfit and makeup, even the background, it all shows they’re a true performer, they do it all. The choreography with the hoolahoops was so magical to watch.

MELISSA: Perfectly stated. Kaye, what did you think?

KAYE: Woah, how do you even hula hoop with two hoops? That definitely shows a lot of skill, amazing!

MELISSA: Very true. What about you Raven?

RAVEN: I agree with Antoine. There were so many small details I noticed, like the pink wall choice for her background. It really went well with her outfit and hoops. Everything put together made this video mesmerizing. I felt like I was in a daze the entire performance.
What a job well done!

MELISSA: I’m very curious what scores you all will give. Are you ready? Have you all decided on your scores?
And the scores are….Perfect scores! Well done.
Ready for the next contestant? Visual Vernacular, with Anthony Arrosères.

(Video shows Anthony Arrosères in black shirt and black background expressing a story in visual vernacular, VV)

MELISSA: Wow, that was an extremely visual performance. Kaye what are your thoughts?

KAYE: I completely get what this poem is all about. Comparing history to present day and the process of printing photos, it was so detailed and took a lot of time to make prints. While today, all you need is your phone and it’s a quick touch on the screen and you can easily send it all over. The comparison is so true, and I understood his message clearly. I liked it.

MELISSA: Raven, what about you?

RAVEN: Thanks Kaye for explaining. I was a little confused trying to catch everything. I caught the picutres on the touchscreen, but before that, I was a bit lost. That explains a lot, I’m connecting the dots now! I need to watch more visual vernacular so I can catch everything more easily. Overall, really great job.

MELISSA: Very true. Antoine, what did you think?

ANOTINE: I need you all to excuse my lack of understanding. I was like… what? What is that going on in the past? Huh? Oh… It was a really nice performance. We really can learn something from this talent, you know?

RAVEN: Exactly.

ANTOINE: I was not expecting to learn anything like that, and especially in our Deaf way of expression, was really fantastic to see. I loved that. One other thing I appreciated was the very simple way he performed his poetry. Really enjoyed that, thank you.

MELISSA: Simple, yes. And a story with a bit of history. OK, are you all ready with your scorecards?
Let’s turn them around!
Not bad! OK, let’s move on to our next performance. We have a dancer, Unique the Deaf Dancer.

(Video shows Unique the Deaf Dancer in a flowing dress, barefoot, dancing at outdoor locations, an bridged archway and in front of a pond)

MELISSA: The movement in this, stunning. Raven, why don’t you go first this time?

RAVEN: I like the name, Unique the [Deaf] Dancer. I didn’t know what to expect, what kind of dance would it be — clearly I expected something different, something special. I loved that she chose to perform her piece outside and in various locations. My personal favotite was when she danced under the archway, where it was a bit dark. It went well with her dance. It was very nice. Tells a story, for sure.

MELISSA: Absolutely, perfect. Antoine, what about you? If anybody knows, it’ll be you!

ANTOINE: I must say, that archway where everything was filmed from a low angle, it stole your show a little. It was a little dark and a bit hard to see. But when everything opened up into that cleared space with the water flowing, with the dress — it’s very difficult to perform in a costume like that! I’ve performed in a full dress where you have to move with it and twirl it as part of the show. That is not easy at all. I saw you had a little heel in your choreography as well. You can easily fall, it’s not easy. There’s risk in that choice and I appreciated that. Remember, the previous video that has risk, doing it in the snow? And now this is very clearly in Spring. It’s clear that we’re now in April and I really enjoyed that. Her technique, her turns, her jumps, and her balance as well as her expression was wonderful.

MELISSA: Wow, Antoine, yes. Kaye, why don’t you go next?

KAYE: One thing I caught is that she wasn’t wearing shoes, she was dancing with barefeet.

ANTOINE: Oh! Interesting, that was hard to see.

KAYE: So well done, that constant movement. Plus, she’s Deaf, and she kept going. Some connections to ballet style. Looking at her dance, it felt like nobody was watching, just dancing her feelings out, it was so nice.

MELISSA: Yeah, I can see all three of your perspectives.

ANTOINE: Yeah, yeah.

MELISSA: Curious to see your scores! Ready?
One, two…three — go!
Now, I know you’re ready to see who’s next, but first, we have an ad from our sponsor.

(Sorenson ad video plays)
(Deaf’s Got Talent logo appears)

MELISSA: Let’s see who’s next. A magic show, from Robbie the Magnificent.

ROBBIE: Hello, everyone, thanks for watching me! Wait, I have more magic! Hold on.
I love the Avengers movies.
Hmm, I need to add a pen.
Cool, now I need to add color.

RAVEN: How??

ROBBIE: Cool, now it’s time to clean up.
One last trick.
Thanks for watching, love you all.
Wait, don’t forget to vote for me. Love you all!

ANTOINE: Love you!

MELISSA: Cute, cute. Such a young magician. I was watching, trying to figure it out–wow. Antoine, whatcha think?

ANTOINE: I–I’m still in shock! The rope–what’s happening? What’s happening? That’s my burning question. Wow. I’m actually a huge comic book lover. You got me there with the Avengers. Pulling that book out, I was disappointed to see nothing there at first. Then, ah, the black & white, cool, But then color?? Wow, then it all disappeared. And I was disappointed again that it was gone! But okay, wow. That was magic. And that last rope trick. My brain is still processing that! Like wait, what happened!

MELISSA: Yes, the ropes, very tricky. Kaye, you go.

KAYE: One thing is that I love magic shows. I was involved myself back then in elementary — yes, in magic shows. So I could catch some tricks, looking closely. He did wonderful for their age! I really enjoyed the show.

RAVEN: Kaye, you know their secrets?

KAYE: Maybe, maybe! I haven’t done magic in a long time!

RAVEN: Haha, I really was blown away. The rope made me scratch my head a bit, but what hit me was the book! Because I was looking to make sure there was only one book on the table! Like maybe they switched up books, but I only saw one on the table. Adding the art was cool, but then adding the color, and then taking it all away–whoa, whoa. I’m still trying to figure out what happened. But good job!

ANTOINE: Fooled me good.

MELISSA: Now, the tough decision, your scores.
Ready? Go!

MELISSA: Next is Alientiful, with ASL poetry.

(Video shows Alientiful with black shirt and gray background signing a poem “Be Like A Peacock”)

KAYE: Heart-touching.

MELISSA: I didn’t see the hand colors coming. That was such a nice surprise, wow. Kaye, what do you think?

KAYE: Yeah, I thought it would just be a poem about a peacock, then I noticed they added color to the hands, I’ve never thought of that. And each color had its own quote and emotion attached to each one. Seeing their perspective, I was just fascinated. I think it was great to add that to the emotions, the words, just wow.

MELISSA: Yeah. Raven, what about you?

RAVEN: I agree with Kaye, I really enjoyed watching that. I wanted to see more emotions, bolder, like the peacock, because the peacock’s a very big, colorful, powerful animal. So that was a nice impact, unexpectedly seeing a new color appear every time they signed. I actually noticed the first finger and was like — is something on their hand? And then, aha, I got it. I really liked the creative addition, makes the poem more powerful.

MELISSA: Yes, definitely. Antoine?

ANTOINE: Hmm, first of all, I thought the poem was — yes, you are a person who can become — no, actually, is — a motivational speaker. Yeah, is a motivational speaker. Expressing yourself, and uplifting others. You have that — a lift. I feel moved, you know. And yeah, it was a surprise to catch those fingers. What’s going on? My Deaf eyes tend to not miss a thing, but after I figured out what’s going on, I thought it felt like another magical show, using the hands instead. Amazing, thank you for sharing your true colors.

MELISSA: Yes, and it was a beautiful message, too. Now, I wanna know your scores!
Ooh, all of you had telepathy, obviously!
Next we have Jasmine A, performing dance.

(Video shows Jasmine A. in a black Star Wars shirt, black hat, white pants, dancing outside on a driveway)

MELISSA: Raven, what’d you think?

RAVEN: As a dancer, one thing I love is self-expression or freestyle, just vibing, doing my own thing. Disconnecting from the world. Not following a choreography or anything, just being outside and enjoying myself, enjoying the music and the environment. And that’s the energy I got from them. It’s so nice seeing you enjoy yourself. Cheers, good job. Thank you for sharing with us.

MELISSA: Cheers. Antoine?

ANTOINE: I agree with Raven! Also, I think some of that routine is from the Backstreeet Boys–you know,
(both RAVEN & ANTOINE dance)

ANTOINE: Some of the choreography seems borrowed from that, cool. I really enjoyed that, even though it’s “old school”. I feel like we should bring that back to life today! Bringing moves, and being inspired by what you see on TV. I want to make a note to everyone that when you film from a low angle, it’s hard to capture you from that low angle. Move that camera a little higher so we can see more of you! This is something for
all dancers to keep in mind. But guess what, through that low angle, I could still see your strong smile. That expression is on point. Thank you.

MELISSA: Wow, yes. Kaye, your thoughts?

KAYE: What Antoine mentioned about the floor angle — I didn’t realize that was tough to see, learned something new. For me, the camera on floor meant I could see everything she was doing just fine. Her persistence and memory — wow, so good.

MELISSA: Definitely, now… Ready for your scores?
Ready, 1, 2, 3…go! Not bad, not bad.
Who’s next?
Making beautiful art, with Selennnart!

SELENNNART: Hi, I’m Selennnart. Thanks for having me! For this 2nd Round, I’m still making beautiful art, but with an eco-friendly twist! Enjoy, love y’all.

(Video shows Selennnart build an canvas out of cardboard boxes, and paint an abstract strawberry on it)

MELISSA: Wow, fascinating! Antoine, what do you think?

ANTOINE: Oh, wow. That was so, so sweet. So full of sweetness, man. No words. I’m sorry, that was so sweet, I just don’t have words at all! Go on!

MELISSA: Definintely! Kaye?

KAYE: Wow, wow. Very creative with the editing and the filming! And all the splashes of colors. I was fascinated. Amazing art.

MELISSA: Raven, your turn.

RAVEN: I loved how they introduced themselves in the beginning so we could see the face of who’s behind the art! The vibes were so friendly. That made me all excited to see what they’re making. They showed me how they put a lot of love and energy in art. And I didn’t realize it was boxes! If you showed me the final product, I’d never have guessed it came from boxes. So cool, I appreciated going through the process of making their art, then seeing the final product. Wow. Thanks for sharing with us, that was so good.

MELISSA: I like what you said about personality matching art. That’s so true. And from boxes?? Amazing. Wow. I’m excited to see your scores.
Ready? Go!
Now, last but not least, freestyle football by Freestyle Sewati.

(Video shows Freestyle Sewati perform freestyle football tricks in various locations in Paris, and on a dock in front of a large body of water)

MELISSA: Awesome. Time for the last round of commentary! I’ll start with Kaye.

KAYE: Okay, I really liked their idea of editing footage, editing clips with different places in Paris. I’ve been to Paris before, and you know, it’s huge. It’s hard to sight-see everything, almost impossible, almost like New York City. So seeing them make it to all those places was cool to watch. And they could balance by the water without touching the water or dropping the ball. Amazing. Great job, I applaud.

MELISSA: Yes, yes. Raven?

RAVEN: I love the transitions in the video, how they did tricks and then ran to the next background, running to different backgrounds. Showing that they’re in another country, cool. One thing that blew me away was standing right there, on that pier, surrounded by water. It shows their balance is on point, like whoa. I’d for sure fall and get soaked in the water, no question! So that move really made me go — okay, I see you, I see you. I also like showing their fall in the video. That shows it’s not all — you know, easy — there’s some mistakes, too. But that’s still badass for me, cheers.

MELISSA: Agree. Antoine, you go.

ANTOINE: Hmm, I like what Raven said. That fall — you don’t have to think of it as an ugly thing. No, it’s part of the beauty of improving. It’s part of art. Discovering yourself. When a mistake happens, you have an aha moment and learn something. It doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, and it’s beautiful. I have a question for you — if I start freestyle football, will I get the same six-pack of abs?

MELISSA: Well, you can try!

ANTOINE: Kidding, thanks for sharing your talent!

KAYE: That’s such European culture, ha.

MELISSA: Now, ready for the last round of scores? I’m curious what your scores are.Okay, 1, 2, 3…go!
Cheers, cheers. Wow, all our contestants really stepped up their game! Things are definitely heating up.
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ALL: Cheers!

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