Watch our Host Justin explain some important rules to have a fair and fun competition.
Entry is open until Feb. 28, 2023 at!
Video Description:
(golden sparkles spread across a black background to reveal the golden “Deaf’s Got Talent” logo. Then white text “” appears. Fade out to show Host Justin Perez signing with a gray background and golden sparkles on left and right sides. On left side, Deaf’s Got Talent logo. On right side, “Beneficiary Organization: GLAD”)
JUSTIN: Hello! I’m Justin (name sign). Are you ready for Deaf’s Got Talent? Same, we can’t wait to watch your talent! First, some rules we all need to know for a fair and fun competition. You ready?
Our first rule: If you want to enter by yourself or as a group, you all must be deaf.* When we say “deaf”, we also mean hard of hearing, deafblind, and deaf disabled people. You’re all welcome to enter this competition!
Second, the video you send to enter our 1st Round must be less than 30 seconds. If you move to our 2nd and Final Rounds, you get more video time! How do you get to the Final Round? Based on scores from our Judges, plus votes from audience. We combine both to determine who moves to the Final Round! You must submit a new video in each new Round.
Judges will only judge you based on your talent, that’s it. We will not judge your studio or camera quality. We will only look at your talent. Please do not include any effects or visuals in your video. Only your talent matters to us…unless your talent is Video Editing! Then we will judge that.
Next, after you videotape your talent, it must be uploaded to an online platform. For example, YouTube, Dropbox, Vimeo, etc. so we can watch you.
Now, your performance must be accessible. For example, if you have sound, then include captions or interpretation. Make sure to film yourself clearly, then our team will develop video descriptions so everyone can access your talent.
Your performances must be family-friendly so all ages can watch, without any inappropriate or harmful content. No nudity, discrimation, prejudice, or sexually-explicit content. Nothing negative, so that everyone can enjoy your talent. This way, people of all ages can watch and vote for your talent!
For more information, visit our Terms & Conditions online. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us!
See you in our 1st Round, coming soon! Bye!
(Fade out to show same opening credit, golden sparkles revealing the Deaf’s Got Talent logo and website)

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