Welcome to the top 8 semi-finalists of the 2nd round talent competition! 2nd round video will be released soon this week. Stay tuned!

Tambo @tamboaslmusic

Sin Nombre @ThatSinNombre

Sarah Lanzano-Slevin @Sarah_l.s_4

Brian Estrada @_estrada_brian_

Unique the Deaf Dancer @uniquethedeafdancer

Pole Blossom @pole.blossom

Ballerina Goddess @ballerinagoddess

Jordin Sellen @jordinsellen

(Eight golden framed squares with golden sparkles. Dark teal/black background. At center, Deaf’s Got Talent logo, “Top 8” on a golden ribbon, and GLAD logo.

Eight images, from top to bottom:)

– Tambo: ASL Music. A white woman with blonde/brown highlights hair, black shirt with black backdrop.

– Sin Nombre: Drag Queen + Bo Staff. Latinx Deaf queen wearing big pink n white highlights wigs, red lipstick, and long black lashes.

– Sarah Lanzano-Slevin: Hula Hoops + Balloon Animals. Sarah has brown curly hair with blonde highlights and brown eyes.

– Brian Estrada: Skateboarding. Image of Brian skating across the top of a bench.

– Unique the Deaf Dancer: Dance. African American woman with natural short black hair and a crown of leaves.

– Pole Blossom: Pole Fitness Dancing. Asian woman with black/brown waves hair and wearing black/white striped top.

– Ballerina Goddess: Ballerina + Rope Aerialist. Ballerina is a white woman with blue eyes, copper red medium length hair, and a side shave. Image of Ballerina upside-down on a aerial hoop.

– Jordin Sellen: ASL Music. Jordin is a white DeafBlind Female with the use of a Cochlear Implant. Long brown hair, with blue eyes, and kinda short.

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