Watch the Final Round Competition

WAWA: Hello, and welcome back to the Final Round of Deaf’s Got Talent, where contestants can show off their talent for a good cause! Now, in the First Round you saw 11 people compete to be selected by–who? Our Judges plus you, our audience. Those 11 came down to 8 contestants who were judged. 8 contestants became 5 finalists! Now those 5 are in the Final Round of this contest! Good job, everyone! Wow. I’m excited that we’re able to use this time to show who earns a spot in the Top 3.

Now, if you haven’t seen our First and Second Rounds, I will expand a bit more about this competition. The goal of this competition is to raise funds and support Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. (GLAD), who provide services for deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, and deaf disabled people in the greater Los Angeles area. This show is free to watch, and you are welcome to donate any amount you can give to support. Where can you donate? Go to and you will see a donate button on the top part. Like in previous Rounds, we have the top 5 performers showing their various talents. Our Judges here will review and give feedback plus scores between 1 to 5, 1 is the lowest while 5 is highest. After the show is finished, you the audience will vote for your favorite performers. Out of our Top 5, the Final Round will determine who places in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

ALL: Cheers!

WAWA: Now, re-introducing our fabulous and amazing judges here. One, we have the amazing hula hoop and fire performer, plus last year’s champion, Hula Bella!

HULA: Excited to see who will be the next champion.

WAWA: Next, we have the talented actor, director, and producer CJ Jones here!

CJ: Happy to be back here again.

WAWA: Finally, welcome back Melissa, who was last year’s Host and now one of our Judges.

MELISSA: Yes, judging is definitely fun. And I look forward to seeing who is in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

WAWA: Good, good! Judges, how do you feel about this round, very final round of our competition? Whatcha feeling?

HULA: I’m really curious!

WAWA: Really, you’re curious. That’s true, yes.

CJ: It’s good to have exciting moments, wondering who will win, but it doesn’t mean there’s only one winner. Everyone else is just as good!

WAWA: Yes. I agree, I agree.

ELISSA: Yes. I’m curious. You know, it’s not only our scores today. It’s plus the votes from our communities. So I’m curious about both, our scores and the voting results. So go and vote, you all!

WAWA: Yes, true. It’s becoming very competitive right now. So the contestants are all bringing their top A-game, you know. Ready to give everything they’ve got.

HULA: Looks like it’ll be a very close one.

WAWA: Agreed! Ok, we’ll go ahead now. Let’s see who we have first to start off this Round. We have Ballerina Goddess! What will she do? She’s a rope aerialist.

(Ballerina Goddess, rope aerialist, final performance video plays)

WAWA: Wow! That was actually a vision! It blends well with Mother Nature in the background. Curious what you thought about that, Judges. Let’s start with you, Hula.

HULA: Really, I feel it tells a story. It tells about nature, elements, and femininity all in one. A storytelling, that’s what we would like to see. I enjoyed seeing their talent through rope and fire, you know.

WAWA: Uh huh, wow. So many things happening, many things to look at. Amazing. Now, let’s go to CJ. What’re your thoughts?

CJ: Yes, the dream represents all the possibilities she can do. Then she wakes up and realizes–wow, I can do it all. That’s how I see it, from beginning to end. Beautiful work, I liked it very much. 

WAWA: Wow. Melissa?

MELISSA: Yes, agree. I remember in previous Rounds her talent was obviously rope, which is beautiful. Now, she really stepped up with filming and editing clips. She also turned it into a story. That is yet another talent too. I think it’s amazing and love it.

WAWA: Yes, really creative there with the whole presentation. Everything that we saw. It’s very different and visual! Wow. I’m impressed. Okay, judges, are you ready to consider and come up with your scores? Okay, 1, 2– let’s wait for CJ. (laughs) 1, 2, 3… show scores! 5, 5, and 4! Thank you so much. Wow. You already set up the bar high!

Now we have the next contestant, Brian Estrada. Curious to see what we have. 

(Brian Estrada, skateboarding, final performance video plays)

WAWA: Very talented! Amazing! But don’t take my word for it. Curious what the Judges think! Let’s start with Melissa, your thoughts?

MELISSA: Wow! Very good. Obviously I already knew he’s an expert with skateboarding. Now, his video editing shows more different seasons, places, and environments. That skill goes with him, everywhere he goes. Yes, I agree, wow what a talent.

WAWA: Wow. CJ, what’s your thought?

CJ: Well, I would end up in the hospital if I did that. So, that is a class A, 5-star…ooh sorry I said that too early! I mean, his talent is really amazing and it can go everywhere in contest. It shows that he can do it. Not because he’s deaf, or hearing. But because the ability to show talent is critical to the world. Don’t give up your dreams. When you have talent, invest in it. And he did.

WAWA: Yes, I agree. Hula Bella?

HULA: For sure, he has talent. But I want to keep in mind — in a contest or something like that, we should show what we have, right now. Show that. That’s the point of talent to show off. When we use video clips again, are we done? No! We want to show what we have now, just jump off and do it. That’s something we can keep in mind about talent contests. It really shows what talents you have now, and I want to see more.

WAWA: Wow, it’s nice to see more serious talent out there. Not only in the USA, but talent keeps appearing all around the world. You have people who sign? Let’s watch each other and do the same thing. No difference. Very nice. Now, ready to think about the scores?

Hmm… one…1, 2, 3… go ahead! 5, 4, 4… Hula, I can’t see your scorecard. Please pull up! Perfect, beautiful! That was almost like rolling credits.

(Brief ad from Sorenson, our sponsor, plays)

WAWA: Now, we can move to the next person. Pole Blossom! So curious what that person will show us. Let’s go. 

(Pole Blossom, pole dancing, final performance video plays)


CJ: Yes!

MELISSA: My core hurts just by watching that!

WAWA: Yeah, I feel like I’m, like, losing my strength. There’s no competing with that. I’d just clutch the pole and slowly get off, that’s me! 

HULA BELLA: Not easy!

WAWA: Wow. Wow. Really gracefully blended that together. Whoa. Okay. Let’s start with–hmm, you, Hula Bella. Your thoughts?

HULA BELLA: I like how they showed a different skill in each video Round. It wasn’t all the same. We could really see them growing. More talent. And becoming more comfortable with the pole, that bond. I can see that bond with their prop! That’s so important in talent practice. So I can tell the connection is there, and it will continue growing. They’re not done yet, you know.

WAWA: Yes, and I feel like in addition to the talent growing, their editing skills are improving, too! With this show online, it can be fun to figure out transitions and all that. Like, I see that. That impresses me! CJ, you go ahead.

CJ: Absolutely. I agree with both of you. Gracefully. That’s the most accurate word for her talent, expertise, and effort that she invested intto her love of pole dancing. Incredibly unique. Hats off to her strong core. Forcing me to want to start exercising…starting tomorrow.

WAWA: Hahaha! Melissa, go ahead.

MELISSA: Yes, my core is still trembling. Just from watching! Yes. That’s astounding talent. I agree with Hula, I sense more connection with the pole this time. Like a relationship with the pole. I feel that. One tip, she could have added a story or something. That could have been more engaging.

WAWA: Good tip, good tip. Well, let’s go ahead with your scores. Think about those. Okay, 1, 2, 3… show ’em!

Ooh, we have 4, 4, and 4! Thank you so much! I can tell the bar is getting high, everything is going to be really close.

Our next person is named Sarah Lanzano-Slevin. Curious what they have to show us!

(Sarah Lanzano-Slevin, hula hoop and balloon shapes, final performance video plays)

MELISSA: Two thumbs up!

CJ: So cute!

WAWA: Okay, at first I thought I saw one hula hoop, then I realized they started with TWO hula hoops! Like, whoa there! Wow! Okay. Amazing. Melissa, go ahead! Share your thoughts.

MELISSA: Great. They really stepped up with filming and background from day one. The background and lighting effects make it more appealing. She has talent, obviously, but you feel the energy of the space, too. And that little story about the flower, I love it.

WAWA: Yeah! Hula Bella, go ahead.

HULA BELLA: Showcasing the talent they have now, obviously not done yet, but you really see more confidence in front of the camera since their day one. That’s something people have to understand about being in front of the camera, you need to relate to and play with the props around you. That’s part of competition, including different things. It’s not always what is obvious. It’s also adding things you didn’t think of. It’s obvious she thought her performance through.

WAWA: Neat, yes. CJ, you next!

CJ: Well, I was expecting more different additions! Hula hoops, great. Balloon shapes, great. Do something more with those! Do something unique that we haven’t seen them do before, you know? I see growth, yes, but something is missing. But still, overall very nice job.

WAWA: Great, good feedback. Go ahead, contemplate your scores! Y’all are really thinking! Ready? 1, 2, 3… go! 4, 4, and 3! That must’ve been tough for you to think.

And for our last person, we have Unique the Deaf Dancer! Let’s see what she’s got!

(Unique the Deaf Dancer, dance, final performance video plays)

MELISSA: Wow, wow.

WAWA: Yes, wow. Expressive! Curious about your thoughts! CJ, you first.

CJ: Aw, don’t start with me first!

WAWA: I just have to!

CJ: Okay, okay, mean-o! Well, really you’re a good-o. Okay, I was most impressed by the environment space. The statues around her were amazing. I thought she would weave through them, dancing. That’d have been more artistic! I was hoping to see that. But she stayed in one location, among the statues. Would be more creative to go through the statues, expressing a story about each one or something! That’s my opinion.

WAWA: Okay. Hula Bella, your thoughts?

HULA BELLA: My thoughts are more technical-related! Such beautiful body form, the movements and everything. But yes, like CJ said, the story. That’s so important to align a story within your performance. Looks like that is in Little Rock, you know, Black students finally entering white schools. So her dance does tell a story! But you want those statues to tell something, too. And through that expression, you become more connected to the storytelling. A still camera doesn’t always show the full expression you’re trying to say!

WAWA: Mm-hmm. Melissa?

MELISSA: Yes, I agree. When I saw the environment, I was like, how nice! Obviously, there is so much more power and meaning to her expression of dance. There is a story there. And I also wanted to see more stories! She was most focused on one statue. I agree, she could have included the others. What if she danced around more? More creative with the space! Such beautiful form and incredible talent. But yes, I wanted more of that story.

WAWA: I understand, playing more in the background of the space you’re using. There was a story in how she danced. Yes. You can really see where there is struggle, and you even see her talk a little, expressing some graceful freedom. Shifting between dance and sign. Everyone has their own story to tell! Seeing a little more would’ve been even better, true. Now, let’s start scoring! Gonna let y’all consider that. Okay, ready? 1, 2, 3… bam! We have a 3, 4, and 4! Thank you so much, appreciate it, Judges. Incredible. Whoa.

Now, all these contestants really showed us their all, really bared their souls for this Final Round last performance! Things are heating up, it’s boiling hot! Now it’s time for YOU, the audience, to let us know who you think should place in 1st…2nd…and 3rd! This competition is really tight. So you, as the audience, think about the best parts and what you think about this show! Not only that, but the decision of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places counts on you!

Also, remember you have 48 hours to vote. Thanks for watching, and don’t forget to follow us on social to see who wins this competition!

Thanks so much. Show sum love! ILY.

ALL: Yay!

Watch the Second Round Competition

WAWA: Welcome back to the second round of Deaf’s Got Talent! Where you can show off your talents for a good cause!

ALL: Cheers!

WAWA: Nice seeing you guys again.

During the 1st Round, you watched 11 people in an amazing competition for the top 8 spots. I’m curious who made it to this next round.

WAWA: Wow. Here’s a great group of contestants. Getting into the 2nd Round was really close. I’m excited to see what they have for us this time! In case you haven’t seen our 1st Round yet, I will explain a little bit about this competition.

This competition’s goal is to raise funds to support Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness, Inc. (GLAD). What do they do? GLAD serves deaf, hard of hearing, deafblind, and deaf disabled people in the Greater Los Angeles area.

This show is actually free to watch. The only thing we ask is to donate,any amount if you can. How do you donate?

Go to and there is a donate button at the top.

Now, like our 1st Round, we will have our Top 8 do the same talent,

in a new way! After we watch the performances, our Judges will share feedback and give scores between 1, the lowest to 5, the highest. After the show, you – our audience – get to vote for your favorite performer! Only the Top 5 will move to the next round. And that’s the Final Round! All for the chance to be one of the three winners.

Now…reintroducing our amazing judges. First, we have the amazing host–no wait, that’s me. Our Judges, y’all!

First, we have last year’s host, plus host for the Melmira show, here’s Melissa!

MELISSA: Hello, hola!

ALL: (applause)

Wawa: Next we have last year’s champion, hula hoop, fire, plus now the roller skating performer, Hula Bella here!

ALL: (applause)

CJ: Champ.

WAWA: Now last but not least, the legendary CJ Jones!

CJ: Oh, hello.

ALL: (applause)

WAWA: Did that work? Okay, yeah, it worked!

WAWA: So how do y’all feel about our competition now, Judges?

HULA BELLA: I’m excited, I’m curious!

CJ: Whoa, looking forward to 2nd Round and seeing what their talents will present us!

MELISSA: Yes, looking forward.

WAWA: Wow, I’m as excited as you are. Let’s see how this goes. Who do we have first? I’m curious…

MELISSA: Ooh, let’s see.

WAWA: Our first contestant is Brian Estrada. What will they do? Skateboarding!


WAWA: Ok, that’s amazing.

WAWA: Seeing him do all those things, every time he did a trick,

my body screamed! But that’s talent, okay. I wanna know what our Judges think. Let’s start with you, CJ.

CJ: Yeah, I have to admit I’m not a fan of skateboarding, because it always scares me. I’m jumping in my seat, hoping they’re okay and didn’t break a leg! I recongize that took much effort. That shows talent. I applaud, and yeah–wow, hats off.

WAWA: Things are getting interesting! Melissa, your thoughts?

MELISSA: Wow, I felt my heart go up my throat every time he landed. Like, did they fall this time? No? Yes, there’s talent in that skateboarding. And I liked his edited clips. Champ talent, yes.

WAWA: Yes. Hula, go ahead.

HULA BELLA: I love that he showed all the different things he can do. Not one trick, many different ones. And people were watching live! If I tried that hockey net trick, I’d go into the goal net.

Not skate over it like him, I’d crash.

WAWA: Yes, yes, but it takes a lot of practice to make it happen. Now, I’m gonna give the Judges some time to consider before you’re ready to go, with scores from 1 to 5. Ready, ready? Wow, CJ is really contemplating–phew. Okay, 1, 2, 3…go! One 4 and two 5s! Whoa. Great job. Thanks, Judges. Let’s see who our next person is. Unique the Deaf Dancer!

WAWA: Wow, those were beautiful dance movements. I’m impressed, I like what I saw! We’ll start with Hula, what’d you think?

HULA BELLA: I love this video! It’s really much more expressive, and very feminine with modern flow dance. That’s obviously what she specializes in, we saw in the 1st Round. With this longer video, I understand more of the story she’s expressing. I think that’s one of the most beautiful things about flow dance, it’s no words, but it’s your body showing, expressing. That.

WAWA: Yes, thank you. Melissa, share your thoughts next.

MELISSA: So beautiful. And I loved her outfit, orange, feels so vibrant. And the skirt’s flow matched her energy and movements. Beautiful and very expressive.

WAWA: Yes, she looked happy while dancing! CJ, you go next.

CJ: Yes, I favor both your comments, right on the dollar!


CJ: I’m impressed with her style of dancing. Those movements were enjoyable to the eyes, to watch. And how her expression included some signs! Nice. That’s a new thing I don’t often see. I find that very unique! I hope she keeps expanding with signs, like a flow of dance and sign, both combined. Wow. Good job.

WAWA: Creativity is very important. The more creative differences, the more fun it is to watch. I look forward to seeing more from her! So good.

CJ: And especially the risk of showing your style, your creativity. Not copying others, but her own. That makes it unique.

WAWA: I agree, I agree. Now, y’all need to prepare your scores.

CJ: 10 minutes to think? Or right now?

WAWA: No, I’ll give you two secs!

(WAWA & CJ laugh)

WAWA: Okay, ready? 1, 2, 3…go! Ooh, we got a 5, 4, and 4! Great, thank you.

Now, for our next contestant. The name is Tambo, performing ASL music. Let’s watch!

WAWA: I’m good, too!


(ALL laugh)

WAWA: Very enertaining! Curious, let’s start with Melissa. Your feedback, ideas, thoughts?

MELISSA: It’s good! I’m always fascinated by ASL translations. The forever, forever, forever part was cool. And revolution, signed like collaboration. I liked her choice of signs in this translation, very good. The editing, words onscreen, her energy, it was neat.

WAWA: Cool, I agree. CJ, what’d you think?

CJ: Well! There’s a nice flow. And you know, clarity is important. I applaud that. Movement and rhythm is there, too. I kinda wish she did something more. Other than signing and lip-synching, there’s something missing there.

WAWA: Hmm, okay. Hula Bella, what’d you think?

HULA BELLA: I think most important for music videos is the energy. Really grasping the content of the song itself. Understanding the point of the song, then expressing that feeling. Feeling what the song’s feeling. In this case, feeling good!

WAWA: Good. Now, are you ready? Think before you’re ready to score. Drumroll… 1, 2, 3… go!

Ooh, a 3 and two 4s! Thanks Judges, appreciate what y’all do. Wow, let’s move on to the next contestant.

This is Ballerina Goddess, who will do ballet -slash- rope aerials. Let’s see!

WAWA: Skill. Wow. Must be years of practice to get to where she is now. I’m wondering about your thoughts, CJ.

CJ: Yes, yes, wow. I gotta say, you stole my line–skill, that’s it. It’s allright, you can apologize to me after the show.

WAWA: Ooh, okay!

CJ: Say what, that’s exactly what I’m looking for. Skill. Plus creativity. Uniqueness. Talent. The work she did takes a lot of strength, practice, and committment. I see all of that. Excellent job.

MELISSA: Yes, totally.

WAWA. Amazing, Hula Bella, your thoughts?

HULA BELLA: Such discipline. When you see a performance like that, it’s stunning. That’s key to discipline, knowing how to draw people in. So it’s clear she has skill of drawing people in! It’s talent you’re not born with, but with practice, you can get there. All of us can get there if we focus on our individual skills like with her, she clearly honed her craft. Wow.

WAWA: Focus. She’s very focused. So now, Melissa, your thoughts?

MELISSA: I’m gonna take some of y’all’s lines. Skill and discipline combined are really what makes talent.

CJ: That, beautifully said.

MELISSA: Seeing her in the air, wow. All I could think was, wow, she must have a strong core! To be midair like that. Beautiful, yeah.

CJ: That’s beautiful.

WAWA: I’m excited to see stuff like this. And she’s deaf! How often does the world get to see that?

CJ: I actually know of one person, from Canada. I hired them for our Las Vegas show, called “Cirque du Sign”.


CJ: It was way back then, in Las Vegas. I was like, we have a deaf aerialist?! I have to hire them! They performed up high, and people were amazed. Everyone enjoyed it, and I haven’t seen others since–until now! Kudos, I’m glad to see something new —

WAWA: More out there!

CJ: That, exactly!

WAWA: Okay, Judges, get ready to decide the scores for this one. Wow, okay. Ready? 1, 2, 3… go! Two 5s, and a 4! Amazing scores. Thanks, Judges!

Now, a quick break. We have four more performers after the break! Right now during the break, a message from one of our sponsors.

ARTHUR: Hello, everyone! I’m Arthur with T-Mobile Accessibility. We’re very excited to be a sponsor for GLAD’s talent show. Amazing. We want to wish everyone the best of luck performing! You can connect with us on

WAWA: Now, our next contestant is Sarah Lanzano-Slevin, who does hula hooping. Let’s go.

WAWA: Amazing, okay. First of all, I got enough exercise just by watching her. And she even made something too. Wow, I’m impressed. Okay. I wanna know your thoughts. I’ll start with you, Melissa. Your thoughts?

MELISSA: You’re right, enough exercise by watching that! Good core, to move the hoop like that. But yes, I think I mentioned last time–this is the kind of raw talent you’d see at old talent shows. You know, her ability to hula hoop and create balloon shapes at the same time. Wow. Eye-catching. And I like how she started with the headstand, like whoa! Wow factor already, right there.

WAWA: Right, very impressive. It’s still playing in a loop in my head. Hula, with the hula, go ahead!

HULA BELLA: Yes, I love seeing more new things! I always encourage people to understand the concept of craft, but also include your own “flavor”! Like with me, I hula hoop in many different ways. And her doing balloon shapes, shows how many different skills you can combine. I enjoy seeing that, because so many people out there can do any one thing, and then add any other thing at the same time. Multitasking, too!

WAWA: Yeah, wow. CJ, your–

CJ: Yeah, I totally agree with everyone here–takes talent to keep the hula hoop up! I could do maybe 10, then it’s falling off. Anyway, they deserve applause! I’m impressed. And the creativity, making balloon shapes right on the spot. Wow. I’d love to learn that part! Overall, wonderful job.

WAWA: Yes. Okay, wow. I think she did a wonderful job, like all of our contestants, too.

CJ: Right on.

WAWA: So, are y’all ready to give your scores? I’m sure you’ve already been thinking of your decisions. 1, 2, 3… show scores!

And we’ve got a…4, 5, and 5! Whoa, thanks Judges. Getting closer to the end.

Our next contestant is named…Jordin Sellen, doing ASL Music. Let’s watch.

WAWA: Wow, did y’all see her? Signing gently and moving slowly. Wow, inspiring to see such face expresions. Now I’m curious. Hula Bella, your thoughts?

HULA BELLA: I applaud them for performing music on stage, because that’s not an easy thing to do as a deaf person. And she really matched the expression of the song itself. I think it’s a beautiful job, and obviously took practice. Again, the key thing to looking like you own the stage is by practicing and knowing what you’re doing. I can tell they owned it.

WAWA: Mm-hmm. So Melissa, your thoughts about that?

MELISSA: Beautiful. That song is dear to me, it’s one of the songs I like to watch with lyrics. To see how she expressed it with her dress, on stage? Beautiful.

WAWA: Yes. CJ, you look serious.

CJ: Yes, well, I’m a very strong critic! I like to look for something new. That hits you like–yes, that’s it right there. You know, unique, different, and engaging. Yes, the outfit is beautiful and yes, the stage is lovely, and signing is clear, but something’s missing. If only she could pull more from the heart, put more energy in that area. I can’t explain it more, but overall great job.

WAWA: Allright, okay. So Judges, prepare your scores. 1, 2, 3…go! So that’s 4, 3, and 4. Great, thanks y’all.

Now, our next performer is doing the bo staff, performed by Sin Nombre. Let’s go ahead and watch.

WAWA: Does anyone need a bodyguard?

(MELISSA raises hand)

WAWA: She’s right there. Ready to protect. Wow. I’m curious, your thoughts! Let’s start with you, CJ.

CJ: I knew you’d start with me, put me in the hot seat! Well, I saw her work in the 1st Round, right? I was really impressed, and wanted to see something more in 2nd Round. But it seemed similar to the 1st Round, allright. The skill is there, I just wanted to see more! That’s what I want to say.

WAWA: Okay. So now Melissa, your thoughts?

MELISSA: I wanna recongize, doing those tricks…in high heels? Wow. I applaud that. Also wanna recongize, her appearance in drag is also a talent in itself, too. In addition to the tricks with the bo staff. I see where CJ’s coming from, to see her do something different. More ramped up after the 1st Round, understood.

WAWA: Mm. Hula, you’re next.

HULA BELLA: Really, I felt like–this is Kill Bill vibes, you know the movies by Quentin Tarantino. Like whoa, you don’t want to mess with her. That’s the feel I get from her, and I think she knows that she enjoys what she’s doing. And I can tell she’s having fun, not being all serious. Instead, going with the flow to show off what she can do. And I think that’s important in drag, to know and be confident in yourself. To own yourself. Know everything you have. And express it! Oregon also has a lot of interesting drag personalities. This is a really good representation of that.

WAWA: Yeah, good thoughts. So Judges, are you ready to score? 1, 2, 3…go! A 3, and two 5s. Wow, thank you.

And now, our last contestant…applause, applause. Pole Blossom, who will do Pole Fitness…Dancing! Let’s take a look.

WAWA: Wow. I’m curious Hula Bella, what do you think?

HULA BELLA: I feel like I can’t do that! Kudos to her, that she can do it.I love to see more of us appreciating each other’s different abilities, but still cheering for each other anyway. Continuing to recongize people’s skills in different ways. I think it’s important that we keep wanting to see more from each other. I want to see more of her, for sure!

WAWA: Yes. Melissa, what’s your thoughts?

MELISSA: Well, again–that core! I know I’ve been all about that today, but it’s really been popping up today. I like how, compared with last time, she’s now added a costume effect. Last time she wasn’t wearing a dress like that, now she added such a flowy skirt! I think that was a creative way to add more visuals to her talent. Wow. Really beautiful.

WAWA: Yeah. CJ, go ahead.

CJ: Yeah I agree with Melissa, beautiful costume. And the way she danced around the pole. The part with only one leg–wow! That clearly shows her effort, really impressive. And I encourage everyone, whatever your gender, you can do this if you put your heart to it. So I appreciate her work and facing the world where people assume she’s hearing–but no, she’s deaf, what? I wanna emphasize, it has nothing to do with being deaf. It has to do with talent. And skill. And, hmm–the passion to grow, to make your dreams come true. I applaud.

WAWA: Yes, thank you Judges, I appreciate all that. Now…your scores, what? Okay, now. 1, 2, 3…go. Three 5s! Whoa. Thank you so much. That’s a perfect score!

Wow, all our contestants really stepped up their game! Things are definitely heating up. Now its time for you–yes, you, our audience–to let us know who you think should move on.

Move on where? To the Final Round! Only the Top 5 will move to the Final Round. So go vote, and vote for your favorite performer!

Just visit and click “VOTE” at the top.

Remember, you have two days! Just 48 hours–to vote.

Thank you so much for watching. Don’t forget to follow us on social media…to see who moves on! Who advances to the final, final, Final Round!

WAWA: Thanks so much. Salud, see you again.

(ALL cheer)

Watch the First Round Competition

WAWA: Hello everyone! My name is Warren Snipe, and welcome to Deaf’s Got Talent, where you can showcase your talent and expressison! The goal of this competition is to fundraise and support Greater Los Angeles Agency on Deafness (GLAD). They provide services for Deaf, hard of hearing, Deaf Blind, and Deaf Disabled communities across LA and beyond.  

This talent show is free for you to watch and enjoy! We only ask that you donate if you’re able. We appreciate any amount you can donate. To donate, you can visit At the top there is a “Donate” button you can click. 

Another beautiful goal of Deaf’s Got Talent is to have fun and at the same time, showcase talent from who? Deaf communities themselves! How will this work? We have several contestants, each  

with their own unique talents. We’ll show their performances now. 

Our judges will watch performances, give feedback, and a final score. After the show, you, our audience, will have an opportunity 

to vote for your favorite contestant. The top contestants will advance to the 2nd Round, then to the 3rd Round, for a chance to win top three. 

Now! Let’s introduce our beautiful Judges! First, I want to introduce –Our astonishing hula hoop and fiery, fiery fire performer plus last year’s champion! Hula Bella! *name sign* 

HULA: Thank you for having me. I’m thrilled to be here! 

WAWA: Next we have the amazingly talented Actor, Director, and Producer–the one and only, CJ Jones! 

CJ: Oh, that’s me–hello! It’s so great to be here. 

WAWA: Awesome. And last, but not least. The champ and lovely queen,  

who hosted last year and is now one of our Judges, Melissa of the Melmira show! 

MELISSA: I’m excited to be here this year and be able to share more  

of my thoughts! Cheers! 

WAWA: Yes! I’m just as excited as you are. Now, who will be  

our first contestant? We have Tambo, who will perform ASL poetry. 

Let’s go ahead and watch. 

(30-second video appears with a name tag “Tambo: ASL Music. IG: @TamboASLMusic”. A white woman with blonde/brown highlights hair, black shirt with black backdrop.) 

WAWA: Okay, we all just saw that! I have to say, I’m impressed. I’m curious what commentary our Judges might have! Let’s start with you, 

Hula Bella. 

HULA: Well, so far the music video really shows how she expresses herself. I really liked it and wish we saw more. I feel like they gave us something good to start with. An empowering message to us all, in many ways. 

WAWA: Thank you Hula, I appreciated that. Now let’s move to Melissa’s feedback.  

MELISSA: Really good! I teach interpretation, so I was watching closely, to the words on the video and how she expressed them in ASL. It was a beautiful job, and visually captivating to me. 

WAWA: Good, now CJ. Anything you’d like to add or comment? 

CJ: Yes, I agree with both of you. She showed clear signing, the interpretation was nice. Such expression with her choice of signs for the words. I felt touched by her meaningful facial expressions–makes it very appealing. 

WAWA: Yes, I agree. It was interesting and I enjoyed watching that. Now Judges, it’s time! Get ready to score. 

When I tell you 1, 2, 3, go — please flip your score card.  

Great, let’s see what scores y’all give this one. 

Okay, 1, 2 — make sure it’s nice and centered. 

1… 2… 3… Go! 

(Melissa scores 4, CJ scores 3, Hula Bella scores 3) 

WAWA: Thank you so much! Now, let’s prepare for our next performer.  

Ready, ready? Let’s see who’s next. Our next contestant’s name is Brian Estrada, who will perform with a skateboard. Let’s take a look! 

(30-second video appears with a name tag “Brian Estrada: Skateboarding. IG: @_Estrada_Brian_” Brian performs various tricks on skateboard and accidentally caught a skateboard at third, winter DIY street, and Midwest Red Bull’s footage.) 


WAWA: Wow, that’s some serious skill. I’d need 105 years of training  

to catch up to him. 

CJ: 200 years for me! 

WAWA: Now, Judges, feedback and thoughts. Let’s start with CJ. 

CJ: Yes, I’m glad to be the first person to say my jaws dropped. Wow. Showing different clips of various tricks. I mean, my eyes popped out. I have to say, that was EPIC! Great job, I wanna see more–bring it on! 

WAWA: Cheers! Melissa, your thoughts? 

MELISSA: Yes, I agree with CJ. My eyes were glued open! Not just the skateboarding talent, but also the editing. Keeps you watching and wanting to see more of his talent! Wow, I’m amazed. 

WAWA: Yes, wow. Hula Bella? 

HULA BELLA: I think he’s really talented with his skateboarding. And obviously he can sign while using his feet–not everyone can do that! I’m feeling it, I look forward to seeing more from him. 

WAWA: Wow. I mean, that was some amazing talent. Now Judges, prepare and think about the score you’ll give. 

Judges, you ready? 1… 2… 3! 

(All judges score 5) 

WAWA: Whoo-hoo! Thank you very much Judges, appreciate it. Yes, some serious skill. Okay, for our 3rd contestant, we have Unique the Deaf Dancer, who will dance today. Let’s take a look! 

(30-second video appears with a name tag “Unique the Deaf Dancer: Dance. IG: @UniqueTheDeafDancer”. A African American woman with natural short black hair performing an expressive dance routine.) 

WAWA: I see the Judges are processing the dance. Amazing talent here. Many interpretations of what message was expressed. I’m curious what your thoughts are. Melissa? 

MELISSA: Yes, as I was watching–it’s very expressive, so I could feel her emotions through her movement. I was looking for her thoughts and feelings,nthe body language was intense. Beautiful. 

WAWA: Incredible. So CJ, what’s your thoughts? 

CJ: I’m thinking about how she moved and what story she was sharing. I’m not sure I fully followed it, but I applaud her beautiful dance and movement. I appreciated that, and it’s her strength. 

WAWA: Yes, gotcha. Hula Bella, go ahead! 

HULA: Well, I remember taking Modern Dance in middle and high school. This style reminds me of Modern Dance, which usually has more clothes, but she chose to show more of her body, more of her powerful feminity. I can understand both the struggle and the perseverance, I see that in her story of body movement. It’s beautiful! 

WAWA: Yes, every dance and every piece of art has a story to show, for everyone to enjoy. Leaves you all to interpret the meaning, right? Guessing. It’s a nice challenge, to expand our imagination a bit. So, go ahead and contemplate your scores! 

Ready? 1, 2, 3… bam! 

(Melissa scores 4, CJ scores 3, Hula Bella scores 3) 

WAWA: Cheers. That was some true talent. I’m excited to see more from other people. For our fourth contestant, we have Jordin Sellen  

performing ASL music. Let’s watch. 

(30-second video appears with a name tag “Jordin Sellen: ASL Music. IG: @JordinSellen” White DeafBlind Female with the use of a Cochlear Implant. Long brown hair, with blue eyes, and kinda short.) 

WAWA: That looks very expressive. Well, that’s my opinion—expressive, wow. Curious what you Judges think! Let’s start with you, Hula Bella. 

HULA: It reminds me of a music video or something, that vibe. So it feels very fluid. Dancing, signing to express what they feel. Maybe it’s prom night, or something happened, a bit mystical. It really feels like she captured that mood, that vibe. Like, you know, a girl discovering herself, but she had to lose herself first too. 

WAWA: I get that, I get what you mean. Melissa, I’m curious, what are your thoughts? 

MELISSA: It’s very beautiful and visually appealing! The whole get up. I like her outfit, it goes well with her signing style and expression. 

WAWA: Yeah, a glowing—I don’t know the word for it, but it draws you in, you know? CJ, you go ahead. 

CJ: Absolutely yes to both of your comments. I want to add—I feel one of the most important things about watching performances is signing clearly. How gracefully she signs is nice. And the lead-up to Jordin’s close up where we get to see more face expressions, that’s what I look for! That blend of signing and face expressions. Nice job. 

WAWA: Awesome, that’s good feedback, and something for us to consider. Now, time to get ready for your scores! Letting y’all think. 

Ready to show scores? 1, 2, 3… go! 

(Melissa scores 3, CJ scores 3, Hula Bella scores 4) 

WAWA: Thank you very much Judges! Appreciate that. Wow. I’m excited to see more. Everything we’ve seen so far, amazing talent. Now for our fifth contestant, we have Pole Blossom, who will perform Pole Fitness Dancing! Was that clear? Let’s watch! 

(30-second video appears with a name tag “Pole Blossom: Pole Fitness Dancing. IG: @Pole.Blossom” Asian woman with black/brown waves hair and black/white striped top performs a pole routine.) 

WAWA: Y’all, she’s got more strength than I do. I can’t lift myself up like that! And turning on the pole like that? I can’t. It takes a lot of talent, I have much respect for people who do that. Men, women, whatever your background is, if you can do that, it’s beautiful. It’s art. That’s just me. And fit–fitness. It’s a good workout! I need that, I’ve got an 1.5-pack right now. 

HULA: Someone can help hold you up! 

WAWA: Moving on to your thoughts! CJ, what’d you think? 

CJ: Yes, I admire and am fascinated by her ability to develop skill at pole fitness dancing. Wow. I want to see more people believing in their skills. Claiming it, proving to themselves that they can do it. I applaud that. Beautiful job. 

WAWA: I applaud, too. Hula Bella, go ahead. 

HULA: The purpose of talent is to show what you’ve been practicing, either knowing it naturally or training for a long while. It shows she has disclipine with pole training. I can’t even lift myself  

on a pole, either! Even though I’m short, I just lose balance on a pole — 

WAWA: Well to be honest, anything’s possible! 

HULA: — it’s not as easy as it seems, either! 

WAWA: Still, it’s good that anything’s possible! Melissa? 

MELISSA: Yes. *snaps* I went pole dancing for my birthday ages ago, and–I couldn’t lift myself up on my own! So watching that, wow. That’s definitely talent. I also admire her confidence up there, you know, you don’t see her struggling to hold on. Her spins and movements are so smooth. Wow. 

WAWA: Amazing. I’d be scared to try that on my birthday. But kudos to you for doing that. Now I’ll let you think about what scores you want to give this one. While we wait, I’m thinking about all the good things that’ve happened. This competition is getting challenging. Wow. 

Now, ready? 1, 2, 3… go! 

(Melissa scores 4, CJ scores 5, Hula Bella scores 4) 

WAWA: Cheers, great job. I’m pumped. Okay, for our sixth contestant, we’re having China, who will perform ASL music. Let’s watch. 

(30-second video appears with a name tag “China: ASL Music. IG: @aquaweaver” Video shows a half Mexican mom with curly hair and squinty eyes singing.) 

WAWA: Let’s start with Melissa, your thoughts. 

MELISSA: I found myself nodding along with her beat! Then before I knew it, the performance was over. Beautiful signing. I felt like her energy and editing went great together. 

WAWA: Nice, nice. Hula Bella, what’d you think? 

HULA: I felt like her video message was strong, really draws our eyes in, that’s what contestants should do in their videos. And that shows me she’s in the game. So I’m curious to see more of her content. 

WAWA: Yep. CJ, your thoughts? 

CJ: Well, I kinda have a headache. Because — I’m trying to find  

the words for it –watching her performance with the special effects, zooming, I don’t have strength in that area, but I’m open to watching what she does with signing and the effects. For this one, I have to admit, I was lost. Her face expressions, though,  

show her hard work. Nice. At the same time, I’m still lost.  

WAWA: I get that, your honesty is important. And I appreciate honesty! So I’ll let you decide your scores for this performance. 

Okay, ready? 1, 2, 3… go! 

(Melissa scores 4, CJ scores 2, Hula Bella scores 3) 

WAWA: Cheers! Thank you. Now for our sixth contestant, we have Ballerina Goddess who will perform Ballet plus Rope…Aerialist. Oooh! Let’s watch. 

(30-second video appears with a name tag “Ballerina Goddess: Ballerina & Rope Aerialist. IG: @ BallerinaGoddess” A white woman with blue eyes and copper red medium length hair and a side shave performs ballet and rope aerial skills.) 


WAWA: We’re watching seriously talented people. Amazing to see. I’m curious about your thoughts, I’ve never seen this kind of thing. So for me, this is all new. What do y’all think? Let’s start with you, CJ. 

CJ: Thanks Wawa for putting me on the spot! The most important thing, and what I love to see, is originality. The work she did  

just blew my mind. Being an aerialist, that skill has nothing to do with the ears, but a talent inside of that person. Kudos, wow. Sending my congratulations for all the hard work, to prove she can do this. Beautiful work. 

WAWA: Thanks, CJ. Melissa, how about your thoughts? 

MELISSA: I agree with CJ, this is original. I haven’t seen that sort of talent in our communities. Watching her twirl in the air, wow. It’s very beautiful, too. Very artisitic. We’re actually watching art. You know, like Cirque du Soleli, she should be right up there with them. Amazing. That was so graceful. 

WAWA: Yes, thank you. Hula Bella? 

HULA: Yes, it makes me so excited to see that talent out there, and seeing her really get into it. And she’s not into just one thing, but two — ballet too, she circled around on ponte. That takes a lot of talent, so I’m excited to see more talent from her. 

WAWA: Thank you. Wow, I’m gonna let you all think about how you’ll score this one. I’m curious! Allright, Judges, you ready? 

1, 2, 3… go ahead! 

(All Judges score 5) 

WAWA: Whoa! Thanks very much, Judges, I appreciate y’all. Wow, cheers. I like to see contestants showing their hard work! Not being afraid to lay it out, you know. The world needs more of that. I hope y’all agree. 

HULA: And I can tell everyone’s having fun! That’s the most important thing. 

WAWA: Yes! And for our eighth contestant, we have Star, who will perform ASL music. Let’s watch! 

(30-second video appears with a name tag “Star: ASL Song. TikTok: @FamousStar19” A black woman with orange/blue clothes set, orange jewelry sets and brown curly hair signs.) 

WAWA: Wow, Star showed some attitude and creativity! I’m curious what you have to say. Hula Bella, what’d you think? 

HULA: Black woman magic, that’s the feel I get from this! Like, owning it, living with everything that you have. That confident attitude, I really liked it. 

WAWA: Ha, yeah! Melissa? 

MELISSA: I love how Star brings such a strong presence, with the message of being powerful and super. It’s beautiful. 

WAWA: Cheers. CJ, what did you think? 

CJ: Melissa stole my line! Before I start, was it a song interpretation, or was that Star’s own content? 

WAWA: That’s a song, from my understanding. 

CJ: Ok, good, then what impresses me is how it almost felt like it was Star’s own, how they delivered the message. Ooh, wow. I like that. Makes me feel like Star spoke from the heart, using hands to express. Beautiful job. 

WAWA: Great. Now, speaking from your hearts, what are your scores? 

1, 2, 3… go ahead! 

(All Judges score 4) 

WAWA: Wow, that’s great. Now let’s move on to our next contestant. For our ninth contestant, we have Sin Nombre, who will perform drag with a karate bo staff. Let’s watch! 

(30-second video appears with a name tag “Sin Nombre: Drag Queen With Bo Staff. IG: @ThatSinNombre” Latinx Deaf queen wearing big pink n white highlights wigs. red lipsticks and long black lashes performs tricks with bo staff.) 

WAWA: Allow me to be the first person to say, never mess with a person with a bo staff, dancing, in heels, or it might be the last day of your life! I’m wondering what your thoughts are. Let’s start with you, Melissa. 

MELISSA: Wow, to do all of those tricks, and still look gorgeous? Wow, that shows talent! But in all seriousness, the tricks she is able to perform, that’s another example of originality, I don’t see that out there. Amazing. Wow. So good. 

WAWA: True. CJ? 

CJ: Yes, I completely agree. It’s amazing to see how much talent is out there, especially with her bo staff spinning in the air. I never knew that’s what they’re called, I see those all the time in sci-fi. She has the talent to be in those! Dang, someone call her and get her in a movie! 

WAWA: Yeah! Hula Bella, go ahead. 

HULA: This is getting me all excited again, to see so much talent out there. That we haven’t seen, and this is an opportunity to share with us! So with the bo staff, we see a combination of karate techinique with the staff, really takes a lot of practice and includes other skills. It’s so good seeing people feel more comfortable sharing their talent, feeling confident about them. That’s powerful. We should all be sharing with each other! That’s what I’m so excited to see. 

WAWA: I agree! It’s important to not get her mad, yeah? Don’t do it. Allright, go ahead and consider your scores. 

Ooh, ready? 1, 2, 3… go! 

(Melissa scores 5, CJ scores 4, Hula Bella scores 5) 

WAWA: Yay, thank you. 

So, our next contestant is Sarah Lanzano-Slevin, who will perform hula hoops with balloon animals. Ooh, let’s see. 

(30-second video appears with a name tag “Sarah Lanzano-Slevin: Hula hoops with Balloon Animals. IG: @Sarah_L.S_4” Video shows Sarah, brown curly hair with blonde highlights and brown eyes.) 

MELISSA: They looked familiar, then I realized that’s you, Hula Bella! 

HULA: I had purple hair then! 

WAWA: Yeah! This feels like one of those things where you pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time, but with hula hoops and balloon animals. I mean, wow. But that’s impressive. So obviously I’m going to start with you, Hula Bella! Your thoughts? 

HULA: When I saw that in person, I really enjoyed that because I love other people doing more, adding their own flavors. I think that’s important. If everyone wants to hula hoop, that’s fine. But Sarah has their own flavor, that’s the important thing about talent. Having your own flavor. I like seeing people get themselves out there. 

WAWA: Yes! Melissa? 

MELISSA: Yes. To me, let’s say if it were the old days, and there was a talent show…That one would be one of the OG performers, on stage showing that talent just with the hoop and ballons, no other technology. Just her with her skill and ability. It’s amazing. Wow, just really talented. 

WAWA: Thank you. Now, CJ? 

CJ: I completely agree with you both. I want to emphasize the originality, showing the talent she’s mastered. Doing the hoop and balloons at the same time. I can barely pat my head and–wow! That’s what I loved about Sarah. That’s valuable, the talent and self-expression. They can really show us more talent in next Rounds, I can see that. 

WAWA: Yes, yes. Thanks for your thoughts, Judges. Now let’s think about your scores. 

Okay, 1, 2, 3… bam! 

(Melissa scores 5, CJ scores 5, Hula Bella scores 4) 

WAWA: Nice, cheers. Okay, for our last performance in this Round, we have Alientiful, performing ASL poetry. Let’s watch! 

(30-second video appears with a name tag “Alientiful: ASL Poetry. IG: @Alientiful” A white person with blonde and brown braided hair with pink rose glasses and have blue eyes. She is wearing burgundy long sleeves that says badass woman and the background is grey wall.)  

CJ: Ooh, poetry. 

WAWA: Yes, poetry. Notice how there’s a real message there for us all to get, self love! Wow. So let’s start with Melissa, I’m curious what you thought. 

MELISSA: Yes! As someone who is also big on self-love and sharing love with others, their message is powerful! Yes, yes. I agree. And how they delivered it, in a pointed way. Really engaging. That was good. 

WAWA: Yes, I agree. How about you, CJ? 

CJ: Yes, I can see the confidence in their signing and expression. That makes it beautiful. And I like the originality! In that case, I very much appreciate their work, to put that out there. 

WAWA: Yes. Hula Bella? Anything you want to add? 

HULA: You know the Chicken Noodle Soup books? Back then, those were full of little bits of poetry. This reminds me of their passages, that sort of thing, except this is in ASL. It hits better than reading it! It’s nice to see that content in ASL. I wanna see more of this. 

WAWA: True. Taking something from a book to sign language, you can really imagine it. It’s all art, I agree. Thank you for judging, now it’s time for your scores. Okay! On three. 

1, 2, 3… go! 

(All Judges score 4) 

WAWA: Cheers. Okay, thank you Judges, I appreciate your work! Wow. That was our last performance for today. Now it’s time for you, the audience, to let us know who you think should move on to the 2nd Round! 

To vote, visit and click the VOTE button at top. Remember, you have 48 hours to vote! Thank you for watching, and don’t forget to follow us on social media, to see who moves to 2nd Round. Have a great day! 

ALL: Cheers! 

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